Posted in Event Coverage on March 15, 2015

By Jacob Van Lunen

Jacob Van Lunen began playing Magic in 1995. He has participated in organized play at every level of competition and was a member of the winning team at Pro Tour San Diego in 2007, thanks to an innovative draft strategy. As a writer, Van Lunen has had more than three hundred Magic strategy pieces published

“What card are you most hoping to open at the Dragons of Tarkir prerelease? Why?”

(17) Will Edel

“Dragonlord Kolaghan. I first got on the Pro Tour around Onslaught and I always loved playing with Rorix Bladewing. This is an easier to cast version of the card with a lot of upside.”

Gerard Fabiano

“Dragonlord Silumgar. It doesn’t matter how good the opponent’s rares are if I can just steal them. This is always a bomb and it also steals my opponent’s bomb.”

(1)Owen Turtenwald

“Sarkhan Unbroken seems like a very reasonable card.”

Josh Mcclain

“Narset Transcendent seems like it would be a lot of fun to play with. I’m not sure it’s the greatest Limited card, but I’m looking to have some fun at my prerelease.”

(21) Andrew Cuneo

“Dragonlord Ojutai!”

[10] Sam Black

“Sarkhan Unbroken seems to walk fine line between completely unfair and very fun.”

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