2001 Grand Prix Cologne Coverage

Jim Herold has won Grand Prix Cologne, defeating Antoine Ruel, 2-0, in the finals. This is Herold's third Grand Prix victory; he won Frankfurt with Team III Heroes, and he won Grand Prix Oslo by himself. He joins Kai Budde, Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz, and Jon Finkel as the only wniners of three. Finkel and O'Mahoney-Schwartz both won Grand Prix St. Louis with Team Antarctica to go along with their individual wins (Rio and Boston for Finkel; Madrid and Zurich for O'Mahoney-Schwartz). The only person with three individual Grand Prix wins is Kai Budde (Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Vienna). Ruel's second-place finish matches his brother Olivier's finish in Valencia two weeks ago. The last time two brothers finished in the same spot in the Top 8 of consecutive Grand Prix was . . . last month, when Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz finished fourth in Grand Prix Amsterdam the week after his brother Steve got fourth in New Orleans.


Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Jim Herold (Germany) $2,400
 2.  Antoine Ruel (France) $1,700
 3.  Trey Van Cleave(Denmark) $1,200
 4.  Joost Vollebregt (Netherlands) $1,000
 5.  Daniel Zink (Germany) $800
 6.  Frank Karsten (Netherlands) $800
 7.  Christoph Lippert (Germany) $800
 8.  Jan Doise (Belgium) $800

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top 8 bracket


(1) Antoine Ruel

(8) Jan Doise

(4) Trey Van Cleave

(5) Frank Karsten

(2) Daniel Zink

(7) Joost Vollebregt

(3) Jim Herold

(6) Christoph Lippert


Antoine Ruel, 2-0

Trey Van Cleave, 2-1

Joost Vollebregt, 2-0

Jim Herold, 2-1


Antoine Ruel, 2-0

Jim Herold, 2-1


Jim Herold, 2-0

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