Day 2 Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on June 12, 2016

By Corbin Hosler

Legacy. Widely regarded for its ability to propel any deck to the top on any given day, Legacy's diversity has always been celebrated. With so many viable archetypes, what would rise to the top?
After an action-packed Saturday at Grand Prix Columbus, we know what the top 100 decks looked like.

Archetype #
Grixis Delver 16
Shardless Sultai: 14
Miracles 13
Eldrazi 9
Death and Taxes 7
Infect 7
Storm 6
Stoneblade 5
Burn 4
Sneak and Show 3
Dark Depths 2
Reanimator 2
Lands 2
Goblins 2
Temur Delver 1
Dredge 1
Show and Post 1
OmniTell 1
BG Rock 1
Maverick 1
Elves 1
Tezzerator 1

The format certainly lived up to its reputation, with 23 different decks comprising the top 100. While Grixis Delver led the way — followed closely by Shardless Sultai and Miracles — no deck reached even 20 percent of the field.

One newer deck that is making its otherworldly presence known is the Eldrazi menace, which migrated from Modern to Legacy and thanks to even more “sol” lands in Ancient Tomb and City of Traitors, the sometimes-aggressive, sometimes-prison deck (which Tobi Henke detailed here) can produce fast starts that shut out opponents and grind out games. It showed up as the fourth-most popular deck in the Top 100, and declared itself here to stay in the Legacy metagame.

With so many decks represented in Day 2's Top 100 decks — not to mention plenty more floating just outside the Top 100 — it is truly anyone's game here in Columbus.

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