Quick Question: What’s your favorite inclusion in Eternal Masters?

Posted in Event Coverage on June 11, 2016

By Corbin Hosler

Grand Prix Columbus is more than just a popular Eternal tournament where players can play some of their favorite cards from Magic's history. It's also the release weekend for Eternal Masters, Magic's newest set where players can find those cards made new again. We talked to some Legacy enthusiasts just what was their favorite thing about Eternal Masters.

Brian Demars

“I really like the random commons and uncommons that didn't have foils before. I'm really excited to get foil Pyroblast and Baleful Strix.”

Kyle Boggemes

Karakas. I like the new art and it's a card that a lot of people have wanted to get.”

Erin Campbell

Ichorid, because more people can play Dredge! And Cabal Therapy as well, because now there's a version with the new art that isn't foil.”

Ross Merriam

Wirewood Symbiote, for obvious reasons” (Merriam is widely recognized as an Elves master). “But the lack of Elvish Visionary does disturb me.”

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