Day 2 Metagame of Grand Prix Copenhagen 2015

Posted in GRAND PRIX COPENHAGEN 2015 on June 21, 2015

By Tobi Henke

The numbers are in. All 158 Day 2 decklists have been counted, checked, and categorized. Now we know what decks the more succesful people chose to compete with. You want to know too? Well, here it goes ...

Deck # %
Splinter Twin 25 15.8
Grixis Control 12 7.6
Affinity 11 7.0
Zoo 10 6.3
Tron 10 6.3
Abzan Midrange 9 5.7
Jund 9 5.7
Abzan Company 8 5.1
Burn 8 5.1
Amulet/Bloom 7 4.4
Goryo's Vengeance 7 4.4
Infect 5 3.2
Living End 4 2.5
Merfolk 4 2.5
Bogles 3 1.9
Death and Taxes 3 1.9
Grixis Delver 3 1.9
Scapeshift 3 1.9
Dredgevine 2 1.3
Jeskai Aggrocontrol 2 1.3
Jeskai Ascendancy 2 1.3
Abzan Aggro 2 1.3
White/Black Tokens 2 1.3
Others: 8 5.1
Total: 158 100.0

As always, I have grouped similar decks together here. For example, take Splinter Twin. A full eleven of the decks in this category included a couple of black cards, and another four of them included Tarmogoyf. But calling one "Grixis Twin" and the other "TarmoTwin" and listing those separately wouldn't accurately reflect what was going on in the tournament. Which is: Splinter Twin was the most-played deck on Day 2 of this Grand Prix, by a solid margin even. However, with less than 16%, the deck was hardly dominating. If anything, the above shows the immense diversity of the Modern format.

Likewise, I have discounted a few minor splashes when compiling the numbers. For instance, one of the Black/White Token decks had a bit of blue, one Merfolk deck had a bit of white, and one of the Jeskai Aggrocontrol decks had a bit of black.

More interestingly, one of the Tron decks eschewed the regular green and red cards and was mono-blue instead. And of course, there was a lot of variety within the Zoo. Most of the Zoo players ran Collected Company, a few didn't. Most stayed within the Naya colors, but one even made Death's Shadow the centerpiece of his deck.

Finally, the "Other" category held a few surprises. For example, there was a singleton Martyr of Sands deck here and a Death Cloud deck, but what turned the most heads was clearly the Four-Color Ghost Way deck. More on that later ...