9th–36th Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on May 28, 2017

By Tobi Henke

The Top 8 showcased eight different archetypes. The next 28 players in the standings couldn't quite keep up with such variety, but still brought fifteen different decks to the fray. Most represented here was Burn and Dredge, while Death's Shadow lingered in third place.

Sebastian Wibmer's Four-Color Scapeshift, 9th

Márcio Carvalho's Death's Shadow, 10th

Leon van der Linden's Eldrazi Tron, 11th

Guillaume Perbet's Dredge, 12th

David Murphy's Death's Shadow, 13th

Dominic Gates's Living End, 14th

Niklas Holtmann's Death's Shadow, 15th

Martin Jůza's Elves, 16th

Bill Chronopoulos's Dredge, 17th

George Vontitsos's Dredge, 18th

Lasse Windelov Andersen's Burn, 19th

Griffin Russel's Dredge, 20th

Carlos Ballester's Titan Shift, 21st