9-16 Decklists of Grand Prix Copenhagen 2018

Posted in Event Coverage on June 10, 2018

By Tobi Henke

9th–16th Decks of Grand Prix Copenhagen 2018

This event's Top 8 featured six red decks, half of them with black, and two white-blue decks. The next eight decks in line gave us a little more of that, but also added a splash of different color combinations. Here one could find white-black, blue-black, and even Esper!

Stay tuned for Frank Karsten's Top Stories article to see the most successful deck to include any green cards, New Perspectives as played by Max Pritsch to a 19th place finish!

David Calf's Red-Black Chainwhirler, 9th

Martin Hansen's White-Black Benalia, 10th

João Morais's White-Blue Control, 11th

Andrea Ciotta's Mono-Red Aggro, 12th

Philip van Donselaar's Red-Black Chainwhirler, 13th

Guillaume Wafo-Tapa's Esper Control, 14th

Usama Sajjad's Blue-Black Midrange, 15th

Hampus Lane's Red-Black Chainwhirler, 16th

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