2000 Grand Prix Dallas Coverage





312 players descended upon Dallas for the first major North American tournament where they can compete using the new Invasion card set. Grand Prix Dallas had seven rounds of Invasion sealed deck on day 1, followed by a cut to 64 and then 6 rounds of Invasion Rochester draft on day 2 (tommorow). The new set has generated a lot of buzz and excitement with Gary Wise calling it "the best draft set ever."


Matt Vienneau Wins GP-Dallas!


Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Matt Vienneau $2,400
 2.  Chris Benafel $1,700
 3.  Dan Clegg $1,200
 4.  Matt Linde $1,000
 5.  Dustin Stern $800
 6.  Ben Romig $800
 7.  Pete Leiher $800
 8.  Trevor Blackwell $800




Pairings, results, standing

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