Quick Questions #1: What card do you most want to see in your Sealed pool?

Posted in GRAND PRIX DALLAS/FORT WORTH 2015 on July 25, 2015

By Corbin Hosler

What card do you most want to see in your Sealed pool?

Brian Braun-Duin: Hangarback Walker. It’s not the most powerful card, but it will make every single deck you build; it’s good and you can play it no matter what.

Ben Stark: Tragic Arrogance. With it you can win the game from any position. Sometimes you can leave their only creature as the one enchanted with Suppression Bonds. No matter how far behind you are you can win the game with this card.

Matt Nass: Pia and Kiran Nalaar. You can play Chandra’s parents on turn four, and even if they have removal it’s card advantage. Or you can wait until you have seven mana and cast it and sacrifice immediately. It’s crazy good.

Will Craddock: Outland Colossus. That card is basically just The Abyss. This is a low-removal set, and all the removal is expensive. You can just play this and win in one or two turns if they can’t answer it.

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