All in the Family

Posted in Event Coverage on March 12, 2016

By Corbin Hosler

Team events are unlike any other tournament in Magic. They offer competitors an opportunity to play with two teammates of their choice, and the group wins and loses as a team. For a game typically played solo, team events breathe fresh air as players share the highs and lows with each other.

Usually, that means close friends team up. From the super teams of pros like top-ranked Owen Turtenwald, No. 6 Reid Duke and No. 23 William Jensen to the teams of buddies from their local gaming store, every team at Grand Prix Washington D.C. is playing in one of Magic’s most popular formats.

Some teams in the nation’s capital took things a step further, choosing to partner with family members for the event, whether it’s cousins, spouses or siblings. Whoever it was, there’s nothing quite like sitting down and seeing the same last name three times on the pairings sheet.

Here are some of the attendees at Grand Prix Washington D.C. who chose to compete as a family.

Matthew, Dylan and Jason Rogers.

“My kids came home from boy scouts one day telling me about this game called ‘Magic.’ I was glad it was something we could share so I asked them to teach me to play. We enjoyed it and then they found out we could go to Friday Night Magic so we started doing that — it’s become our guys’ night out as a family. It’s been a lot of fun so we decided to drive from our home outside Baltimore to our first Grand Prix. It’s been a blast, and this is something they’ll remember forever.” – Jason Rogers

 Daniel, Andrew and Jeff Garmon.

“We used to play in the Junior Super Series together, and all three of us started playing in Odyssey. We grew up playing together, but we had never played in an event together with all three of us before. We live across the country now, but Jeff flew in to visit and this was the perfect opportunity for us to all play together, which has been an awesome experience.” — Andrew Garmon

Joe, Ben and Max Laufer.

“We go to a lot of Grand Prix, but we’ve never been able to play together before. We probably argue more than we’d like to, but it’s been fun. It’s nice that we all do well or poorly as a group.” — Ben Laufer

Esker McConnell III and his parents Dawn and Esker II.

“My parents have been playing forever and they taught me how to play ever since I was old enough to stop chewing on the cards. We played together at Grand Prix Providence in 2013 and it went really well so we’re doing it again. It’s been a lot fun. One day I look forward to taking my dad’s four-digit DCI number since we have the same name!” — Esker McConnell III

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