Quick Questions #2 – “Who Are You Wearing?”

Posted in Event Coverage on March 13, 2016

By Marc Calderaro

I’ve noticed a lot of fashionable teams here at the Grand Prix. There are plenty of matching and coordinating teams that look absolutely fabulous! I just had to know the question burning in all of our minds — Who are you wearing?

First up, in just a dashing ensemble is Sean Kennedy, Michele Pansini, and Dante Petruzziello in from Middleton, Connecticut. They are wearing The Board Room Café black and yellow t-shirts. Dante’s friend’s brother, Tenzin, took a trip down to New York City and saw a concept for a gaming place that hadn’t reached his home state yet—a café fully stocked with board games.

For a low admission fee, you get access to all the games the store provides, and offering food and drink to imbibe and ingest while gaming out. How totally vogue.

Coming up next, the Team of Abe Finch, Eric English, and Chris Maier, on the runway from Rochester, New York. You might remember Eric English from Grand Prix Detroit Top 8 just last week. So hot right now, English.

They’re sporting Millennium Games wear in genteel black and white. Anyone who’s anyone knows about one of the most famous game stores in Upstate New York. As English said, it’s a good business model to find a bunch of colleges and get in the middle of them. That’s exactly what Millennium’s been doing for a long time—and doing it so à la mode!

Next up, there’s some familiar faces, who’ve ditched the drab “t-shirt” look for a more bowling-alley appeal. Check out Ray Perez, Adam Jansen, and Greg Orange of Hot Sauce Games:

Not only do the red and black evoke the true burning aggro of both “hot” and “sauce,” check out the backs!

Originally made to be unveiled at Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch, team captain Adam Jansen spoiled his own party by wearing it in the Top 8 of Grand Prix Vancouver, which he, you know, won. Nothing better than a trendsetting winner!

Or how about East Coast Games’ powerful blue hues? Lance Shrader and Chris Freeman co-own this shirt’s store in Cary, North Carolina. And they have three full teams, too. Shrader has teamed with Andrew Hampton and Nathan Dierk; Freeman is with Will Rea and Richard Bowles; and Jim Fiebradt, Maxwell Embury and Donald Paris round out the pack. A store known for its huge gaming space, these nine players are representing their store in style.

Some don’t think the south is known for fashion, but look closer at this chichi number. What is it that Lance has got in his hands? Let’s take a closer look.

Is that? Wait, no, it can’t be! Could it?

Now this man knows how to be a fashion icon!

You know who else knows a thing or two about iconography? This dude.

Not a store’s branding, Team McKay is simply made up of Brendan McKay’s gaming group, coming out of Bethesda, Maryland. He started with play mats and t-shirts, then expanded into life pads. He said that the first constructive criticism he got about his life pad was “Why isn’t your face on it?!” So, he put his face on it. It’s delightfully dashing, isn’t it?

Here’s the whole Team McKay crew. Not all of these players are playing on teams together, or even playing in the event! But they all got gussied up to support Brendan McKay, the apparent first ballot in the hall of fame of mortgages—if his life pad is to be believed.

Almost at the top of today’s list is the perennially rage, the timeless Jamie Parke, Dan O’Mahoney-Schwartz and Pro Tour Hall of Famer Jon Finkel! Dan Ward of Kirwan’s Game Store made these little ditties to help promote the fourth annual Gamers Helping Gamers charity tournament happening April 30th in Catskill, New York!

Gamers Helping Gamers is a non-profit providing scholarship opportunities to gamers of all stripes. Submit an application at gamershelpinggamers.org, or simply contribute to the fantastic cause today! There’s nothing more trendy than helping the world, right?

All these dresses were great, but there was however, one that stood atop the fashion pile. Someone who also stood atop the food chain for millions of years. And he’s back; he’s back for a cause.

Donald McDowell underneath, and Carlo Favretto are not a proper gaming team, but they are a mod powerhouse in the fashion world to say the least. Coming out of The Comic Book Store in Glassboro, New Jersey, this duo is changing the world too, one giant footprint at a time.

His rallying cry? “Make Pangea great again!” And we all want that, right? A vote for Rex is a vote for gnashing teeth and apocryphally tiny arms.

What a whirlwind of a red carpet! I’m glad we answered these searing queries of Who Are You Wearing? The next, natural question is of course: Who Wore it Best? But that, dear reader, is a task for us all to make for ourselves.

Just don’t vote against the T-Rex, or he’ll likely eat your brains ... and the rest of your body.

Ta ta, dahlings!

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