Posted in GRAND PRIX DENVER 2015 - WELCOME on January 5, 2015

By Event Coverage Staff

Here are the Top 5 Cards of Grand Prix Denver!

5. Pearl Lake Ancient

Every game that Andrew Brown won in the finals was closed out by Pearl Lake Ancient. Things got blurry when watching Brown's Blue Black Control deck go through the motions when it had already established control, but Pearl Lake Ancient would come down like a ray from the heavens, signaling the end was near.

4. Siege Rhino

Siege Rhino may be the most powerful card in Standard. It's quite the deal, for four mana we get a 4/5 body and drain three life from our opponent. Abzan strategies showed up in huge numbers this weekend. Time and again, when asked to describe the Standard format, high level pros described a world where one either needed to play with Siege Rhino or have a very good plan for playing against Siege Rhino.

3. Stormbreath Dragon

In world dominated by Abzan, threats don't get much better than Stormbreath Dragon. Protection from White means that Stormbreath Dragon trumps Wingmate Roc. The card takes quick chunks out of opponent's life totals, stands against nearly every threat in the format on defense, and takes down Elspeth, Sun's Champion in a pinch. Lukas Parson and Sam Pardee rode Stormbreath Dragon all the way to the Top 8 here this weekend.

2. Bile Blight

Bile Blight has quickly become one of the most important cards in this Standard format. It's an indispensable tool for all of Standard's Abzan strategies and it's absolutely necessary in control strategies like the one Andrew Brown used to secure victory this weekend. There are a lot of tokens running around these days and Bile Blight is an efficient way to take care of them that also handles cards like Rakshasa Deathdealer and Fleecemane Lion.

1. Fleecemane Lion

Aggressive Abzan decks made a big comeback this weekend. Prior to this weekend, Standard had oscillated to a place where decks were becoming more and more controlling. That all changed here in Denver, though. Aggressive Abzan decks absolutely dominated the first day of competition and continued crushing opponents all the way to the Top 8 elimination rounds.