9-32 Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on August 20, 2017

By Marc Calderaro

Just because a deck doesn't make the Top 8, doesn't mean it's sweet and awesome, and lovable, and playable. Check out the Top 32 lists below, and plus, as I had promised someone on Twitter, Alex Sittner's White-Black Tokens list.


Edwin Eng's White-Blue GPG – GP Denver, 9th

Ivan Espinosa's Zomb-Emerge – GP Denver, 10th

Corey Burkhart's Jeskai GPG – GP Denver, 11th

Mike Sigrist's Jeskai GPG – GP Denver, 12th

Daniel Diaz's Ramunap Red – GP Denver, 13th

Jonathan Job's Mono-White Eldrazi – GP Denver, 14th

Owen Turtenwald's Jeskai GPG – GP Denver, 15th

Charles League's Zombies – GP Denver, 16th

Jonathan Coleman's Mardu Vehicles – GP Denver, 17th

Michael Jacob's 4C Energy – GP Denver, 18th

Andrew Backstrom's Jeskai GPG – GP Denver, 19th

Joby Parrish's Temur Energy – GP Denver, 20th

Vidianto Wijaya's Zombies – GP Denver, 21st

Zac Elsik's White-Blue GPG – GP Denver, 22nd

Hal Brady's Temur Energy – GP Denver, 23rd