9th-32nd DECKLISTS

Posted in Event Coverage on March 7, 2016

By Marc Calderaro

There's more that just the Eldrazi in the Top 8. There's also Eldrazi in the Top 32! But seriously, there were some other great decks that did quite well. Ray Perez's White-Blue Control and two different Elves lists from Andrew Baeckstrom and sixth-ranked Reid Duke are just two such standouts.

Here are the decks that didn't quite make the Top 8, but easily could have.

Jason Myatt's White-Blue Eldrazi - GP Detroit, 9th

Raymond Perez Jr.'s White-Blue Control - GP Detroit, 10th

Kyle Hadley's Bring to Light Scapeshift - GP Detroit, 11th

James Bryant's Abzan Company - GP Detroit, 12th

David Reed's White-Blue Eldrazi - GP Detroit, 13th

Andy Livernois's Eldrazi Tron - GP Detroit, 14th

Ben Friedman's Abzan Company - GP Detroit, 15th

Alexander Hayne's Red-Green Eldrazi Aggro - GP Detroit, 16th

Wenzel Krautmann's Abzan Company - GP Detroit, 17th

Shogo Yamasaki's Red-Green Eldrazi - GP Detroit, 18th

Christian Calcano's Green-White Hexproof - GP Detroit, 19th

Andrew Baeckstrom's Elves, GP Detroit, 20th