Report from the Front Lines

Posted in Event Coverage on March 6, 2016

By Corbin Hosler

It's a battle for Modern here in Detroit, and the front lines are intense in the heat of conflict. One the one side sits our new overlords the Eldrazi, coming in all flavors and varieties, from the new “best deck” in White-Blue Eldrazi to newer builds that go aggressive red-green or even controlling with Kozilek's Return and World Breaker. All in all, the Eldrazi are clearly the dominant force at this event, comprising a full 47 percent of the top 100 decks entering Day 2.

On the other side is everyone else. That includes a number of different decks all trying to defeat the Eldrazi menace, and some of them are finding success. I dove headlong into the battle at the top tables and escaped to bring you a report of what decks are faring best against the alien threat.

Abzan Company has been one of the most popular choices to fight against the Eldrazi this weekend.

One of the surprise decks of the weekend has been Elves. With the ability to play out its entire hand as fast or even faster than Eldrazi, Elves can flood the board and pull ahead late with Collected Company or Chord of Calling.

Tim Sussino is finding success with a blast from the past. His Storm deck didn't drop a match through the first 10 rounds as he rattled off a string of wins against Eldrazi and non-Eldrazi alike.

Rather than try to be as fast as the Eldrazi, Adam Jansen took a different tact, opting to battle with a dedicated White-Blue Control deck that relied on spot removal and Supreme Verdict to clear out the Eldrazi.

Living End has also found consistent success against the Eldrazi, and even put three copies into the Top 8 of Grand Prix Melbourne earlier today.

One of the decks that has found success against Eldrazi in the recent weeks but was struggling over this triple-Grand Prix weekend is Merfolk, but Sebastian Tremblay was able to move to 9-1 with his blue-red take on the deck.

Eldrazi may dominate the field in terms of percentages, but it's facing a tough time at the top tables as players pilot decks designed to prey on the otherworldly monsters as much as any deck can. What will rise to the top? Will it be the Eldrazi, or will the rest of the field rise up to keep the aliens out of the Top 8?

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