Posted in Event Coverage on November 6, 2016

By Corbin Hosler and Marc Calderaro

Modern is too awesome for just a Top 8's worth of decklists, right? Well, in that case, let's look at all the decks that finished 9th through 64th!

Tad Macaraeg's Jund - GP DFW, 9th

Lance Austin's Infect - GP DFW, 10th

Daniel Hall's Bant Eldrazi - GP DFW, 11th

Zane Houston's Black-Green Midrange - GP DFW, 12th

Nathan Smith's Bant Knightfall - GP DFW, 13th

Kris Hoffman's Red-Green Tron - GP DFW, 14th

Ian Andrew's Jeskai Delver - GP DFW, 15th

Kenny Hudman's Naya Burn - GP DFW, 16th

Sideboard (15)
2 Skullcrack 3 Lightning Helix 3 Path to Exile 4 Destructive Revelry 2 Deflecting Palm 1  Grafdigger's Cage

(20) Ryoichi Tamada's Thing Ascension - GP DFW, 17th

Matt Sperling's Lantern Control - GP DFW, 18th

Greg Ogreenc's Naya Burn - GP DFW, 19th

Bennett Ellis's Infect - GP DFW, 20th

Austin Toler's Temur Prowess, GP DFW, 21st