Finals: Robin Steinborn vs. Adrian Rosada, Jasper Grimmer vs. Frank Schäfer

Posted in Event Coverage on May 17, 2015

By Tobi Henke

While my colleague Oliver Gehrmann took care of the finals match between Amit Cohen and Rosario Maij, I tried to follow the other two matches. This, by the way, means there were a total of eight Magic players from Berlin in the feature match area, including both reporters.

Left to right: Adrian Rosada, Rosario Maij, Frank Schäfer, Amit Cohen, Jasper Grimmer, Robin Steinborn

Artist credit for the banner in the above picture, by the way, goes to Iris Schwarz and Anna Tosenko, two players from Berlin who have enjoyed some success on the GP and PTQ level and played in Pro Tours, but failed to make the second day here. Just so you know, the players in the finals of this Grand Prix would never declare Berlin "the Limited capital of the world." At least not in words, though one might make a case that they did so on the battlefield.

Robin Steinborn vs. Adrian Rosada

In the first game, Steinborn led with Kolaghan Aspirant, a face-down creature, and Territorial Roc. Rosada had drops on consecutive turns and held the fort with Kolaghan Skirmisher, Updraft Elemental, and Ukud Cobra. Some trades, involving Scale Blessing and Whisk Away, happened, but Steinborn kept adding creatures.

Soon he was in a position to cast Descent of the Dragons for four creatures, but before it came to that, Rosada's Deathbringer Regent wiped the board. Yet, Steinborn was able to create two 4/4 Dragons eventually. However, Rosada one-upped him and cast Ugin, the Spirit Dragon himself and took the game.

Robin Steinborn 0-1 Adrian Rosada

For the second game, Steinborn again led with a bunch of morphs and eventually turned two of them into Dragons via Descent of the Dragons and into 5/5 Dragons via Stormwing Dragon. Sadly, once again Deathbringer Regent reared its head on Rosada's side and spoiled all the fun.

Robin Steinborn

Nevertheless, Steinborn was able to recover remarkably thanks to Tormenting Voice and evened the score with Fierce Invocation and some dashers.

Robin Steinborn 1-1 Adrian Rosada

Adrian Rosada

Steinborn kept a somewhat "loose" hand of Descent of the Dragons, Enduring Victory, Kolaghan Stormsinger, Break Through the Line, and two lands. He managed to find lands, but was lacking creatures and soon found himself under attack by Hooded Assassin, Silumgar Monument.

A few turns later, Rosada was able to counter Descent of the Dragons using Silumgar's Scorn. Silumgar Monument and Lotus Path Djinn delivered the final points of damage.

Robin Steinborn 1-2 Adrian Rosada

Jasper Grimmer vs. Frank Schäfer

In the first game, Schäfer opened on Soul Summons, while Grimmer dashed Screamreach Brawler. The Brawler remained his only creature for awhile and didn't do much brawling. Meanwhile, Schäfer summoned Hooded Assassin, Daghatar the Adamant, and Pitiless Horde.

Grimmer fought back with Sandblast, but his deck was supposed to be aggressive and cards like War Flare, Temur Battle Rage, and Lose Calm were stranded in his hand. The quite unfair combination of Daghatar the Adamant and Scale Blessing soon turned Grimmer's losing position into an actual loss.

Jasper Grimmer 0-1 Frank Schäfer

Frank Schäfer

This time, Grimmer brought the beats: Lightform, Goblin Heelcutter, Dromoka Dunecaster, Crater Elemental. However, the first two died to Flatten and Reach of Shadows, respectively, and the other two, well, were literally powerless. Schäfer soon took over with Reckless Imp, Dragon Bell Monk, and Lightwalker, and even managed to kill Crater Elemental with Hooded Assassin. (The Elemental retaliated, of course, and killed Schäfer's Imp.)

Jasper Grimmer

In a sudden turn of events, Grimmer was able to get back into the game thanks to Sprinting Warbrute providing a powerful attacker. It became considerably more powerful thanks to Artful Maneuver and Temur Battle Rage, and forced a third..

Jasper Grimmer 1-1 Frank Schäfer

Here, Schäfer led with Lightwalker and Dromoka Captain, and had Coat with Venom for Grimmer's first blocker. The two formed the perfect duo and were about to stroll to victory when Schäfer's teammate Rosada declared victory. Together with Rosario Maij's win against Amit Cohen, this meant the final game didn't have to be completed …

Thus, Schäfer, Rosada, and Maij won the finals 2-0 and became champions of Grand Prix Florence 2015!

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