Team Draft Chart: Semifinals between Gardner/Orsini Jones/Orsini Jones and Cohen/Steinborn/Grimmer

Posted in Event Coverage on May 17, 2015

By Tobi Henke

Take a look at the following table. The vertical columns have all picks by the player listed at the very top, one after the other. You'll also notice different shades of grey moving in a weird way through the picks, first descending to the left, then right, then left again. As you might guess, the same shade of grey here denotes cards taken from the same booster pack. That's to help you see what choices the player faced when he made a particular pick. By going along the diagonal line of same-colored boxes downwards, you can see what cards were left in the booster at any point in the draft.

Neat, isn't it?

A big thankyou goes to the judge staff at this Grand Prix, who made all of this possible by meticulously recording all of the picks!

Matteo Orsini Jones Jasper Grimmer Dan Gardner Robin Steinborn Marco Orsini Jones Amit Cohen
Foe-Razer Regent Tail Slash Pacifism Kolaghan's Command Sabertooth Outrider Sandcrafter Mage
Aerie Bowmasters Flatten Echoes of the Kin Tree Damnable Pact Atarka Beastbreaker Sarkhan's Rage
Guardian Shield-Bearer Vulturous Aven Ojutai's Summons Ruthless Deathfang Ainok Survivalist Kolaghan Aspirant
Stampeding Elk Herd Summit Prowler Silumgar Butcher Butcher's Glee Tread Upon Atarka Efreet
Zephyr Scribe Acid-Spewer Dragon Ojutai Monument Defeat Glade Watcher Ambuscade Shaman
Anticipate Lose Calm Artful Maneuver Hand of Silumgar Shambling Goblin Shambling Goblin
Guardian Shield-Bearer Stormwing Dragon Blood-Chin Rager Lightning Berserker Scion of Ugin Coat with Venom
Void Squall Screamreach Brawler Sidisi's Faithful Deadly Wanderings Dromoka Warrior Vial of Dragonfire
Monastery Loremaster Qarsi Sadist Champion of Arashin Evolving Wilds Ainok Artillerist Dromoka Dunecaster
Fate Forgotten Evolving Wilds Qarsi Deceiver Zephyr Scribe Radiant Purge Aven Tactician
Qarsi Sadist Commune with Lava Champion of Arashin Glint Dance of the Skywise Glaring Aegis
Volcanic Rush Gravepurge Mystic Meditation Blessed Reincarnation Servant of the Scale Shape the Sands
Dragon's Eye Sentry Sarkhan's Triumph Sight of the Scalelords Custodian of the Trove Explosive Vegetation Duress
Revealing Wind Glint Impact Tremors Sheltered Aerie Wandering Tombshell Learn from the Past
Matteo Orsini Jones Jasper Grimmer Dan Gardner Robin Steinborn Marco Orsini Jones Amit Cohen
Atarka Beastbreaker Dragonlord Kolaghan Lightwalker Ultimate Price Qal Sisma Behemoth Risen Executioner
Salt Road Ambushers Roast Blood-Chin Rager Boltwing Marauder Draconic Roar Hand of Silumgar
Obscuring Æther Butcher's Glee Aven Tactician Defeat Glade Watcher Twin Bolt
Silumgar Spell-Eater Hardened Berserker Pacifism Hand of Silumgar Tail Slash Ambuscade Shaman
Ainok Survivalist Illusory Gains Misthoof Kirin Surge of Righteousness Aerie Bowmasters Screamreach Brawler
Circle of Elders Vulturous Aven Lightwalker Palace Familiar Guardian Shield-Bearer Reckless Imp
Qarsi Deceiver Segmented Krotiq Dromoka Warrior Evolving Wilds Stampeding Elk Herd Mind Rot
Pinion Feast Corpseweft Herald of Dromoka Silumgar Sorcerer Glade Watcher Magmatic Chasm
Void Squall Vial of Dragonfire Champion of Arashin Reduce in Stature Misthoof Kirin Dutiful Attendant
Dromoka Warrior Ancestral Statue Aven Tactician Deadly Wanderings Display of Dominance Volcanic Rush
Taigam's Strike Volcanic Rush Cunning Breezedancer Qarsi Sadist Kindled Fury Sibsig Icebreakers
Negate Wandering Tombshell Duress Duress Zephyr Scribe Tormenting Voice
Ancient Carp Sandstorm Charger Fate Forgotten Contradict Sandsteppe Scavenger Glint
Gate Smasher Keeper of the Lens Colossodon Yearling Dirgur Nemesis Naturalize Resupply
Matteo Orsini Jones Jasper Grimmer Dan Gardner Robin Steinborn Marco Orsini Jones Amit Cohen
Wildcall Shaman of the Great Hunt Sandblast Bathe in Dragonfire Hunt the Weak Bathe in Dragonfire
Will of the Naga Noxious Dragon Douse in Gloom Aven Surveyor Wild Slash Typhoid Rats
Hunt the Weak Mob Rule Mastery of the Unseen Ugin's Construct Whisperer of the Wilds Gurmag Angler
Will of the Naga Mardu Shadowspear Typhoid Rats Aven Surveyor Whisperer of the Wilds Temur Battle Rage
Ainok Guide Rugged Highlands Alesha's Vanguard Alesha's Vanguard Hungering Yeti Orc Sureshot
Aven Surveyor Gore Swine Lotus-Eye Mystics Whisk Away Frontier Mastodon Temur Battle Rage
Bloodfire Enforcers Scoured Barrens Ojutai, Soul of Winter Enhanced Awareness Sandsteppe Outcast Arashin Cleric
Frontier Mastodon Tasigur's Cruelty Abzan Skycaptain Frost Walker Ainok Guide Mardu Runemark
Thornwood Falls Wind-Scarred Crag Soul Summons Cunning Strike Ambush Krotiq Collateral Damage
Feral Krushok Scoured Barrens Abzan Advantage Bloodfell Caves Ruthless Instincts Honor's Reward
War Flare Lightning Shrieker Arashin Cleric Soul Summons Formless Nurturing Grave Strength
Map the Wastes Arashin War Beast Cached Defenses Sultai Skullkeeper Refocus Fierce Invocation
Cunning Strike Defiant Ogre Arashin Cleric Abzan Advantage Sultai Skullkeeper Ethereal Ambush
Refocus Sibsig Host Pilgrim of the Fires Ancestral Vengeance Goblin Boom Keg Abzan Advantage
Mardu Runemark Great-Horn Krushok Dark Deal Scroll of the Masters Dragonrage Ancestral Vengeance

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