Day 2 Metagame Breakdown (featuring Mklthd)

Posted in GRAND PRIX GUANGZHOU 2016 on August 28, 2016

By Chapman Sim

Going solo at a Grand Prix isn't always easy. It gets a little lonely. Sometimes, I hallucinate. In those times, I enjoy replying to the imaginary voices in my head. This weekend, it's just me and Mklthd.

289 decklists isn't that many, especially when I've got a jeering homunculus here to help me out. Enough chatter. With three Modern Grand Prix taking place this weekend, we've got no time to waste.

Archetype Quantity %
Jund 34 11.8%
Infect 23 8.0%
Affinity 21 7.3%
Bant Eldrazi 20 6.9%
R/G Tron 20 6.9%
Naya Burn 19 6.6%
Merfolk 18 6.2%
Jeskai Nahiri 14 4.8%
Abzan 12 4.2%
Bring to Light Scapeshift 11 3.8%
Dredge 11 3.8%
Titan Shift 10 3.5%
Death's Shadow Aggro 8 2.8%
Ad Nauseam 7 2.4%
Abzan Company 5 1.7%
Scapeshift 5 1.7%
Jeskai Midrange 4 1.4%
Others 47 16.3%
Total 289 100.00%

Chapman: So, just like we suspected. Usual suspects such as Jund, Infect, Affinity, Bant Eldrazi, Tron and Burn are all pretty well-represented. The Modern metagame is still diverse as ever, with a total of 47 archetypes represented in Day 2.

Mklthd: So, you forced me to look through all these sheets of paper for nothing?

Chapman: Not really. We found that 4 Jund players have opted to play Grim Flayer over Dark Confidant. The singleton Sylvan Scrying in Infect is catching on, as Tomoharu Saito demonstrates. Affinity is same-old, same-old I guess. I mean, it's always been a solid choice.

Mklthd: I don't care.

Chapman: You should! It's interesting because Bant Eldrazi has also risen in numbers over the past few months even after Eye of Ugin got banned. R/G Tron is now a great tool to beat other midrange decks by going over the top. Naya Burn is also very popular, but I've also learnt that Wild Nacatl have largely fallen out of favor, showing up only in Death's Shadow Aggro lists.

Mklthd: I still don't care.

Chapman: What if I told you that Scapeshift is making a huge comeback? There were 11 copies of 4-color Scapeshift that uses Bring to Light as a tutor. Titan Shift is also doing surprisingly well, because you can also use Through the Breach to cheat in Primeval Titan. And of course, there's also 5 traditional builds, making it a total of 26 players running Scapeshift in Day 2.

Mklthd: Do you have cookies? I want cookies.

Chapman: No, I don't have cookies because you ate them all. You don't care about Modern, do you?

Mklthd: I'm not even legal in Modern. What's 'others' anyway?

Chapman: It's basically any archetype with three or less copies in Day 2. There are a lot of interesting decks, but for convenience, we generally just clump them all together.

Mklthd: So, is that how you guys usually do things around here? Just hunches and guesses and stuff.

Chapman: It's not like that. Most of our viewers just wanna see what the Top 5 or Top 10 decks are. That provides a quick overview of the weekend. Besides, we'll be posting the top decklists later on.

Mklthd: So, you're just being lazy.

Chapman: No, I'm not. I looked through everything and sorted everything out. You were the one pile-shuffling all the decklists while I wasn't looking.

Mklthd: You complain about everything. 'Stop making confetti.' 'Don't eat my decklists.'

Chapman: Seriously?

Mklthd: I'm a goader. What do you expect?

Chapman: Ok, just to get you off my back. Here's the complete data.

Mklthd: I don't care. Find someone who does. Too many people in this room. I'm outta here.

Archetype Quantity
Bogles 3
Elves 3
Orzhov Nahiri 3
U/R Pyromancer Ascension 3
U/W Midrange 2
Zoo 3
Goryo's Vengeance 2
Living End 2
Open the Vaults 2
U/W Spirits 2
W/G Tron 2
B/R Aggro 1
B/R Control 1
B/R Eldrazi 1
B/W Hatebears 1
B/W Tokens 1
Bant Knightfall 1
Esper Control 1
Grishoalbrand 1
Grixis Delver 1
Mono Blue Time Walks 1
Naya Company 1
R/G Planeswalkers 1
R/G Ponza 1
R/W Control 1
Skred Red 1
Slivers 1
Tooth and Nail 1
U/B Mill 1
U/W Control 1
W/G Hatebears 1
Total 47

"Mklthd had always hated crowds... and they had always hated him."

And now I hate him too.

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