2001 Grand Prix Hiroshima Coverage

After twelve hours of intense mental battle we were left with just two great Japanese superstars to determine who would walk out 2001 Grand Prix Hiroshima Champion. The stage was set for a classic showdown between back to back and current APAC Champion Masaya Mori and 1999 National Champion Masayuki Higashino.

It also faced the two most popular deck archetypes against each other, Higashino playing the aggressive black/red/blue and Mori playing green/white/blue. With a large audience and Hobby Japan reporters watching the match, the pressure was on both these veterans of the spotlight and the attention didn't seem to bother them at all.

Higashino was cool, calm, and collected in taking the match 2-0 and becoming the 2001 Grand Prix Hiroshima Champion pocketing an impressive week-end earnings of $2,400.


Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Masayuki Higashino (Japan) $2,400
 2.  Masaya Mori (Japan) $1,700
 3.  Nobuaki Shikata(Japan) $1,200
 4.  Masahiko Morita (Japan) $1,000
 5.  Katsuhiro Mori (Japan) $800
 6.  Tsuyoshi Fujita (Japan) $800
 7.  Koby Okada (Japan) $800
 8.  Toshiki Tsukamoto (Japan) $800

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top 8 bracket


Nobuaki Shikata

Toshiki Tsukamoto

Masayuki Higashino

Koby Okada

Katsuhiro Mori

Masaya Mori

Tsuyoshi Fujita

Masahiko Morita


Nobuaki Shikata, 2-1

Masayuki Higashino, 2-1

Masaya Mori, 2-0

Masahiko Morita, 2-1


Masayuki Higashino, 2-1

Masaya Mori, 2-1


Masayuki Higashino, 2-0




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