Finals: Chye Yian Hsiang (White Red) vs. Ang Jan (Red Green)

Posted in GRAND PRIX HONG KONG 2015 on August 9, 2015

By Chapman Sim

All that separates Chye Yian Hsiang and Ang Jan from the biggest prize is a single match. Both players have very solid decks, capable of blistering fast starts.

Without further ado, let's proceed to the most exciting match of the weekend!

Ang Jan (left) and Chye Yian Hsiang (right)

Game 1

Chye's Consul's Lieutenant was quickly stymied by Ang's Runed Servitor and Valeron Wardens. Chye decided to attack anyway, representing a trick.

Ang chose to block with Valeron Wardens, baiting out Enshrouding Mist. That enabled him to successfully resolve Wild Instincts, clearing Chye's board completely.

Chye's Prickleboar met with Lightning Javelin and it looked like Ang was ahead. Enchanting Runed Servitor with Call of the Full Moon, that didn't last very long because Chye suppressed it with Suppression Bonds.

Eventually, it was Topan Freeblade, enchanted with Grasp of the Hieromancer and backed up with a second Enshrouding Mist, that went all the way.

A lethal combination of Topan Freeblade and Grasp of the Hieromancer seals the deal for Chye Yian Hsiang.

Chye Yian Hsian 1 - Ang Jan 0

Game 2

Chye once again opened with Consul's Lieutenant, which was able to sneak past Ang's Boggart Brute. When Ang counterattacked, the poor Goblin was blasted away with Celestial Flare.

Consul's Lieutenant charged into the red zone, this time inflicting four damage, thanks to it being renowned and enchanted by Grasp of the Hieromancer. Lightning Javelin by Ang took care of that.

Ang Jan attempts to race with Embermaw Hellion.

Suppression Bonds kept Acolyte of the Inferno in check, but Chye had no solution to Embermaw Hellion other than to race with Prickleboar. With both players hovering at 5 life, any thing could tip the scales.

Enter Pia and Kiran Nalaar.

When Ang attacked with Embermaw Hellion, Chye went down to 1 life. Did Ang have any burn or combat tricks?


All Chye had to do was untap, swing with his team and fling a pair of Thopters at his opponent for the win!

Chye Yian Hsiang 2 - Ang Jan 0

Congratulations Chye Yian Hsiang, our Grand Prix Hong Kong 2015 Champion!