Grand Prix Trial Winning Decklists

Posted in GRAND PRIX HONG KONG 2015 on August 8, 2015

By Chapman Sim

More than 20 Grand Prix Trials took place yesterday and each winner received 2 Round Byes to kickstart their tournament!

Six of them utilized the Standard format and it was nice to see each Grand Prix Trial being taken down by a different archetype, including some breakout decks from Pro Tour Magic Origins!
•    Green-Red Devotion
•    White-Green Constellation
•    Blue-Red Ensoul Artifact
•    White-Blue Control
•    Abzan Control
•    Esper Control

The remaining fifteen featured Magic Origins Sealed, the format that hundreds of players will be competing with this weekend. Here is the breakdown of the color combinations that the winners used to secure victory!

  • 3 White Red
  • 3 Red Green
  • 3 Black Red
  • 2 White Green
  • 2 White Blue
  • 1 Blue Red
  • 1 Black Green

Victor Leong's Green-Red Devotion

Chang Yew Kim's White-Green Constellation

Terence Mak's Blue-Red Ensoul Artifact

Jack Ng's White-Blue Control

Fung Chun Sing's Abzan Control

Hoi Chick's Sealed Deck (Black Red)

Tang Chung Yeung's Sealed Deck (Black Red)

Charlie Chan's Sealed Deck (Blue Red)

Filippo Sintoni's Sealed Deck (White Green)

Wilfred Lau's Sealed Deck (Red Green)

David Hsu's Sealed Deck (White Red)

James Chai's Sealed Deck (White Blue)

Derek Tsang's Sealed Deck (White Blue)

Lee Yuk Lam's Sealed Deck (Black Red)

Wong Hoon Kay's Sealed Deck (Black Green)