Round 9 Featured Match: Ogie Jaro (Blue Black) VS. Yam Wing Chun (Black Red)

Posted in GRAND PRIX HONG KONG 2015 on August 8, 2015

By Chapman Sim

Ogie Jaro has been playing Magic for a long, long time. His Magic Origins date back to the times of Revised and he was one of the earliest players from the Philippines to enjoy success on the Grand Prix Circuit.

Jaro has also participated in the World Championships 2006 and 2009 as a member of the Philippines National Team and his most recent Pro Tour appearance was at Pro Tour Born of the Gods in Valencia. Today, he is back with a vengeance, going 8-0 with his Blue Black deck.

Yam Wing Chun from Hong Kong is one of the few Gold Pros in the room and has a rather successful season. While he is not quite as famous as his buddy (3) Lee Shi Tian, Yam has been silently amassing his Pro Points with a string of solid Grand Prix finishes in addition to a Top 16 performance at Pro Tour Fate Reforged. He hopes that he can achieve the perfect 9-0 record by besting Jaro with his Black Red deck to put him in a better position of making his second Grand Prix Top 8.

Game 1

Jaro won the die roll and led with Eyeblight Assassin and Tower Geist. Yam mulliganed to six and had little action of his own. To relieve himself of the early pressure, Yam elected to use Weight of the Underworld and Unholy Hunger to kill both creatures, hoping to buy some time to find a red source which he was sorely missing.

Jaro reloaded with Aspiring Aeronaut and Yam replied with Ghirapur Gearcrafter. Both Thopter tokens perished in combat. Yam's Prickleboar was countered by Bone to Ash, and Jaro added Ringwarden Owl and Jace, Vryn's Prodigy to the board.

In the meantime, Yam was drawing nothing relevant and could only stare at the useless Sigil of Valor he was unable to utilize. When Yam tried to add Thopter Engineer to the board, a timely Clash of Wills shut out any chances of recovery.

Ogie Jaro smiles for the camera, posing with a token of his precious daughter.

Ogie Jaro 1 – Yam Wing Chun 0

Game 2

Yam had the pressure this time, leading with Shambling Ghoul before getting his Ghirapur Gearcrafter denied by Clash of Wills.

Aspiring Aeronaut and Deadbridge Shaman were Jaro's first creatures, but those were somewhat outclassed by Yam's Guardian Automaton (enchanted by Consecrated by Blood) and Seismic Elemental.

With Jaro down to just 4 life after the assaults, he was forced to either enter "chump-blocking mode" or go full steam ahead by racing. He opted for the latter, using Claustrophobia to tap down Seismic Elemental before casting Gilt-Leaf Winnower to remove Shambling Ghoul to bash for three with Deadbridge Shaman.

Keeping back Aspiring Aeronaut and its Thopter token to chump, his plans to win the race evaporated when Yam used Macabre Waltz to revive Ghirapur Gearcrafter. A second copy of Ghirapur Gearcrafter further cemented Yam's victory.

Ogie Jaro 1 – Yam Wing Chun 1

Game 3

Both players kept their initial seven and the final game of the day began.

Yam kickstarted with Dragon Fodder and Ghirapur Gearcrafter, but found himself most unfortunately stuck on a trio of Mountains and no black mana sources.

Yam Wing Chun flicks his cards profusely, hoping for a miracle recovery.

Jaro dropped Throwing Knife, and then recruited Harbinger of the Tides to unsummon one of the Goblin tokens. He also cast Reave Soul on Ghirapur Gearcrafter and forced the trade by turning his Merfolk into a 4/2.

Now that the board was empty, Jaro was ready to take over with his 5/3 Ringwarden Owl, using a second copy of Reave Soul to kill Yam's Boggart Brute.

A timely Swamp off the top of Yam's deck allowed him to cast Blazing Hellhound and it seemed like Yam was slowly clawing his way back into the game because Thopter Engineer and a second Ghirapur Gearcrafter provided him with additional blockers to race Ringwarden Owl.

Yam sacrificed the appropriate creatures to remove the appropriate chump-blockers and eventually reduced Jaro down to 3 life. A Thopter token snuck in for one damage and Yam ripped a timely 5th land to land Rabid Bloodsucker for the win.

Ogie Jaro 1 – Yam Wing Chun 2

Yam Wing Chun defeats Ogie Jaro in three close games and goes 9-0!