Semifinals: Chye Yian Hsiang (White Red) vs. Liu Yuchen (Black Green)

Posted in GRAND PRIX HONG KONG 2015 on August 9, 2015

By Chapman Sim

Both Chye Yian Hsiang and Liu Yuchen swept their quarters and found themselves matched against each other in the semis. With the assurance of a Philippines player in the finals, it was up to either them if they desired a Malaysian or a Chinese Grand Prix Champion.

From the looks of it, Liu's bunch of Shambling Ghouls will fare poorly if they were unable to block the trio of Chye's Topan Freeblade on time.

In addition, Enshrouding Mist was a cheap foil to Liu's Wild Instincts, while Celestial Flare acted as trumps against Titanic Growth and Nantuko Husk.

Game 1

Chye curved out perfectly with Anointer of Champions, Topan Freeblade and Knight of the Pilgrim's Road. Liu's start wasn't that bad but Shambling Ghoul's drawback punished him significantly in the face of two creatures with renown.

Liu spent his fourth turn to kill Iroas's Champion with Wild Instincts, but took seven from the ensuing attack. Chye's next attack was lethal, with the help of Enshrouding Mist for "exactsies".

Chye Yian Hsiang quickly takes the first game, and is just another win away from advancing to the finals.

Chye Yian Hsiang 1 - Liu Yuchen 0

Game 2

Chye was forced to take a mulligan and Liu was able to quickly pressure Chye with Shaman of the Pack and Yeva's Forcemage. Chye goes down to 14 life.

Lightning Javelin took care of the bigger Elf, so Liu replaced with Rhox Maulers and reduced Chye to 10 with two swings of Yeva's Forcemage.

Despite having Pia and Kiran Nalaar, that was no match for an angry Rhino. Using a second copy of Wild Instincts to kill the Legendary creature, Liu was able to deal the killing blow with the help of Titanic Growth. That's 10 trampling damage in one fell swoop!

Liu Yuchen ties things up with a 10/10 Rhino!

Chye Yian Hsiang 1 -Liu Yuchen 1

Game 3

Chye's spent his first few turns to summon Sigil of Valor, Topan Freeblade and Iroas's Champion. Liu defended with Shambling Ghoul and a pair of Elvish Visionaries.

To break past the defenses, Chye recruited Ghirapur Gearcrafter before equipping Sigil of Valor to his double striker. Liu wisely chumped with an Elf to absorb 10 damage.

Eyeblight Assassin was used to kill a Thopter but Liu was in deep trouble. Unless he found a solution to Iroas's Champion, he would be forced to chump every turn. Thankfully, Shambling Ghoul was able to survive the 6/6 Soldier after being boosted by Titanic Growth.

However, the game was pretty easy for Chye, who simply re-equipped Sigil of Valor to another creature, recreating another 5/5. Liu double blocked, hoping to find Conclave Naturalists to put an end to the madness.

When Liu blocked a 3/3 Topan Freeblade with Nantuko Husk and sacrificed Shambling Ghoul to it, Chye blew him out of the water with Celestial Flare.

Now that Liu had a completely empty board against a pair of renowned Topan Freeblade, it was only a matter of time for Chye to seal the deal. He was still holding the Enshrouding Mist and Chandra's Fury that would guarantee Liu's demise.

Chye Yian Hsiang 2 - Liu Yuchen 1

Chye Yian Hsiang defeats Liu Yuchen and advances to the finals where he will play against Jan Ang for the title!