Top 5 Cards

Posted in GRAND PRIX HONG KONG 2015 on August 9, 2015

By Chapman Sim

What were the biggest cards of the weekend? Then read on to learn more about Grand Prix Hong Kong's Top 5 Cards!

5. Rhox Maulers

Green is not a particularly exciting color in Magic Origins but this Rhino has single-handedly won many games this weekend. Having trample enables Rhox Maulers to easily trigger renown and transform into one of the biggest beatsticks in the format.

3-time Top 8 competitor Liu Yuchen demonstrated how powerful Rhox Maulers can be, especially when used in conjunction with Wild Instincts and Titanic Growth!

4. Sentinel of the Eternal Watch

With unconditional removal spells at a premium in Magic Origins, it is extremely difficult to deal with Sentinel of the Eternal Watch. Only a handful of cards are elegant solutions to it, including Unholy Hunger, Cruel Revival, Gilt-Leaf Winnower, and Tragic Arrogance.

It shrugs off Fiery Impulse, Flame Javelin, Reave Soul, and Weight of the Underworld. Claustrophobia and Suppression Bonds might keep the 4/6 body at bay but its ability to tap down a crucial creature each turn is great for both offense and defense. Throw in the fact that it is easily splashable off Evolving Wilds, that makes it one of the most important uncommons of the set.

3. Reave Soul

On the topic of removal spells, Reave Soul hovers at the top of the list and is similarly cherished for the same reasons as Fiery Impulse. Cheap, efficient and versatile, Black mages will always be happy lay their hands on as many copies as they can get.

2. Whirler Rogue

Chances are, if a card is good enough to be played in Constructed, it has to be pretty good in Limited too eh? Whirler Rogue breaks stalemates, ensures you stay ahead in the damage race and provides three bodies for the low price of 2UU if you should ever fall behind and need to block.

Many Pros have nicknamed it the "Mythic Uncommon" for good reason.

1. Pia and Kiran Nalaar

It feels like I'm picking the same card twice, but Pia and Kiran Nalaar clinches the top spot on this list over Whirler Rogue in a close battle.

Grand Prix Hong Kong 2015 will most fondly be remembered when Chye Yian Hsiang used this powerful rare to triumph over Ang Jan in the finals. With Ang down to just 4 life, all Chye had to do was fling a pair of Thopters to snag the Grand Prix Hong Kong title.

Coincidentally, Victoriano Lim and Chye Yian Hsiang both had a copy of in their 9-0 Sealed Decks! In addition, it seems only fitting to pay tribute Chandra Nalaar's parents during Chandra Week!