Day 1 Top 100 Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on August 28, 2016

By Frank Karsten

The numbers are in, and Top 100 after the close of Day 1 at Grand Prix Indianapolis looked like this:

Archetype Quantity
Affinity 10
Abzan 8
Bant Eldrazi 8
Jund 8
Burn 7
Death's Shadow Zoo 6
Infect 6
Ad Nauseam 4
Other 43

A few things stand out here.

First, even though Jund was by far the most popular deck at Grand Prix Guangzhou and Grand Prix Lille, Abzan was just as popular as Jund in Indianapolis. Abzan was the deck of choice, for instance, of Hall of Famers Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa and Ben Stark. We interviewed them here, and they must have preferred access to Stony Silence and/or the ability to hit Lingering Souls off of Grim Flayer over Lightning Bolt.

Another thing that stands out is that Burn and Ad Nauseam are slightly more popular at the top tables than one would have expected from a glance at the Magic Online tournaments in the last few weeks.

Every deck with 3 or less pilots in the Top 100 of the Round 9 standings was put in the "Other" category, turning "Other" into an insanely high 43% of the metagame. Well, that's Modern for you. Here is the full breakdown of that category.

Archetype Quantity
Abzan Company 3
Merfolk 3
Red-Green Through the Breach 3
White-Blue Control 3
Jeskai variants 3
Kiki-Evolution 3
Abzan Evolution 2
Dredge 2
Red-Green Tron 2
Mardu Control 2
Elves 2
Zoo 2
4C Control 1
Bant Company 1
Bring to Light Scapeshift 1
Grishoalbrand 1
Grixis Reveler 1
Lantern Control 1
Living End 1
Mono Blue Delver 1
Red-Green Land Destruction 1
Red-Green Scapeshift 1
KnightFall 1
White-Black Tokens 1
White-Red Blood Moon Walkers 1

There are a lot of interesting decks here, so you can expect plenty of unique decklists later today. But two surprises stand out.

First, White-Blue Control with three pilots is a lot. Not interested in Lightning Bolt or Nahiri, the Harbinger these players went for old-school control builds focusing on sweepers, card draw, and countermagic.

Second, Dredge only put two people in the Top 100. It was likely on everyone's radar, which would mean that Rest in Peace and Grafdigger's Cage were everywhere and the graveyard-reliant deck would struggle in post-sideboard games, leading to a lower-than-expected metagame share.

But there are six more Swiss rounds to play—and in Modern, anything could happen.

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