Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur 2010

With six Jund decks in the top 8, you’d have thought Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur was all but cut and dried. But there was one thing they hadn’t counted on, Ding Leong. Like some B-grade 80’s revenge flick, Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur 2002 Champion Ding Leong utterly annihilated three Jund opponents in a row, proving that even the ‘best’ deck has its Achilles Heel. If a bunch of Jund decklists isn’t your thing, take a look at the rest of the day two field, the metagame is much more wide open than this top 8 will have you believe. Congratulations to Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur Champion Ding Leong! Tune in next week as the Grand Prix circuit continues on to Yokohama for some hot, hot Extended action.


top 8 bracket


(1) Shouta Yasooka

(8) Shingo Fukuta

(5) Raffy Sarto

(4) Xue Tong Du

(3) Wei Han Chin

(6) Jakguy Subcharoen

(7) Zhiyang Zhang

(2) Ding Yuan Leong


Shingo Fukuta (2-1)

Xue Tong Du (2-0)

Jakguy Subcharoen (2-0)

Ding Yuan Leong (2-1)


Xue Tong Du (2-1)

Ding Yuan Leong (2-0)


Ding Yuan Leong (2-0)


  • by Brian Kowal
    Sunday, 6:37p.m.:
    Final: Ding Yuan Leong vs. Xue Tong Du
  • by Brian Kowal
    Sunday, 5:35p.m.:
    Semifinal: Shingo Fukuta vs. Xue Tong Du
  • by Ray "blisterguy" Walkinshaw
    Sunday, 5:33p.m.:
    Semifinal: Ding Yuan Leong vs. Jakguy Subcharoen
  • by Brian Kowal
    Sunday, 4:56p.m.:
    Quarterfinal: Zhiyang Zhang vs. Ding Yuan Leong
  • by Alexander West
    Sunday, 4:56p.m.:
    Quarterfinal: Jakguy Subcharoen vs Wei Han Chin
  • by QJ Wong
    Sunday, 4:56p.m.:
    Quarterfinal: Raffy Sarto vs Xue Tong Du
  • by Ray "blisterguy" Walkinshaw
    Sunday, 4:56p.m.:
    Quarterfinal: Shouta Yasooka vs Shingo Fukuta
  • by Ray "blisterguy" Walkinshaw
    Sunday, 4:34p.m.:
    PTQ San Juan Top 8 Decks
  • by Ray "blisterguy" Walkinshaw
    Sunday, 4:12p.m.:
    Top 8 Deck Lists
  • by Ray "blisterguy" Walkinshaw
    Sunday, 4:12p.m.:
    Day 2 Deck Lists
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    Info: Day 2 Coverage
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    Info: Day 1 Coverage
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    Info: Day 1 Country Breakdown
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1. Ding Yuan Leong $3,500
2. Xue Tong Du $2,300
3. Jakguy Subcharoen $1,500
4. Shingo Fukuta $1,500
5. Shouta Yasooka $1,000
6. Wei Han Chin $1,000
7. Raffy Sarto $1,000
8. Zhiyang Zhang $1,000

pairings, results, standings


14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Sunday, March 15: 4:12p.m. – Top 8 Deck Lists

by Ray "blisterguy" Walkinshaw

Shouta Yasooka

Download Arena Decklist

Ding Yuan Leong

Download Arena Decklist

Wei Han Chin

Download Arena Decklist

Xue Tong Du

Download Arena Decklist

Raffy Sarto

Download Arena Decklist

Jakguy Subcharoen

Download Arena Decklist

Zhiyang Zhang

Download Arena Decklist

Shingo Fukuta

Download Arena Decklist

Sunday, March 15: 4:45 p.m. – Top 8 Player Profiles

by Ray "blisterguy" Walkinshaw

Name: Shouta Yasooka
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Age: 25
Occupation: (left blank)
Day One Record: 8-0
Day Two Record: 3-1-2
How many GP/PT top 8’s have you had? GP: 10, PTL 1.
What deck did you play this weekend? Jund.
What was the best card in your sideboard this weekend? Nothing
What deck do you NOT want to play against in this Top 8? Jund

Name: Jakguy Subcharoen
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Age: 27
Occupation: Student
Day One Record: 7-0-1
Day Two Record: 3-0-3
How many GP/PT top 8’s have you had? This is my first GP top 8.
What deck did you play this weekend? Just Master, thanks for the advice from LongT and NDM.
What was the best card in your sideboard this weekend? Master of the Wild Hunt
What deck do you NOT want to play against in this Top 8? Mono red.

Name: Raffy Sarto
Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Age: 24
Occupation: Events and Organized Play Manager for Neutral Grounds Philippines.
Day One Record: 7-1
Day Two Record: 4-1-1
How many GP/PT top 8’s have you had? First, this one.
What deck did you play this weekend? Boros Bushwhacker
What was the best card in your sideboard this weekend? Hell’s Thunder
What deck do you NOT want to play against in this Top 8? Bant? Perimeter Captain + Wall of Denial .dec.

Name: Wei Han Chin
Hometown: Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Age: 17
Occupation: Student
Day One Record: 8-0
Day Two Record: 3-1-2
How many GP/PT top 8’s have you had? None
What deck did you play this weekend? Jund
What was the best card in your sideboard this weekend? Each did their job.
What deck do you NOT want to play against in this Top 8? Blue/White control.

Name: Shingo Fukuta
Hometown: Japan
Age: 26
Occupation: Student
Day One Record: 6-2
Day Two Record: 5-0-1
How many GP/PT top 8’s have you had? None.
What deck did you play this weekend? Jund
What was the best card in your sideboard this weekend? Deathmark .
What deck do you NOT want to play against in this Top 8? Jund.

Name: Ding Yuan Leong
Hometown: Singapore
Age: 26
Occupation: Hair Stylist
Day One Record: 7-1
Day Two Record: 4-0-2
How many GP/PT top 8’s have you had? 3 GP Top 8’s, 1 Worlds Top 8
What deck did you play this weekend? Red/Black wins
What was the best card in your sideboard this weekend? Deathmark
What deck do you NOT want to play against in this Top 8? Decks that have Kor Firewalker .

Name: Zhiyang Zhang
Hometown: Beijing, China
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Day One Record: 7-1
Day Two Record: 4-1-1
How many GP/PT top 8’s have you had? 1 GP
What deck did you play this weekend? Jund
What was the best card in your sideboard this weekend? Deathmark
What deck do you NOT want to play against in this Top 8? Du Xue Tong’s deck, Jund.

Name: Xue Tong Du
Hometown: Beijing
Age: 30
Occupation: Professional
Day One Record: 7-0-1
Day Two Record: 4-1-1
How many GP/PT top 8’s have you had? 1
What deck did you play this weekend? Jund
What was the best card in your sideboard this weekend? Deathmark
What deck do you NOT want to play against in this Top 8? RDW (Red Deck Wins)

Sunday, March 15: 4:56 p.m. – Quarterfinal: Shouta Yasooka vs Shingo Fukuta

by Ray "blisterguy" Walkinshaw

Shingo Fukuta won the roll and lead with a Sprouting Thrinax , a card important enough in the mirror that Shouta Yasooka had one of his own. The Thrinax’s traded, and Fukuta took Maelstrom Pulse and Terminate from Yasooka’s hand with a Blightning , but missed a land drop. Saprolings traded, and Yasooka summoned a second Thrinax. Another Blightning from Fukuta nabbed Forest and Terminate , while Yasooka attacked back with his Thrinax. Fukuta then won the lottery, with a Bloodbraid Elf hitting a third Blightning . Yasooka frowned before Bituminous Blast ing his own Thrinax, finding another one, and binned a Broodmate Dragon . Yasooka attacked, the Elf trading with the Thrinax, both players now on 10 life. Fukuta cleared the Saprolings from the battlefield with a Maelstrom Pulse , and Yasooka struck back with a Blightning of his own. Fukuta slammed a Siege-Gang Commander off the top, trading two Goblins for Yasooka’s incoming Lavaclaw Reaches . Yasooka summoned a Putrid Leech , but could only snort as Fukuta killed it with a Bituminous Blast , hitting a Sprouting Thrinax . Yasooka thought about it for around half a second, and scooped up his cards.

Fukuta 1 – Yasooka 0

Yasooka kept his hand Game 2, but Fukuta threw his back. The first play of the game was once again a Sprouting Thrinax , but this time from Yasooka. Fukuta could only play a tapped Dragonskull Summit on his third turn, and watch in horror as Yasooka cascaded into a Blightning with Bloodbraid Elf . Fukuta discarded another Summit and a Goblin Ruinblaster , Lightning Bolt ing the Elf, and then discarding a Verdant Catacombs to Yasooka’s brand new Liliana Vess . A turn later with no answer to the Planeswalker, and it was Fukuta’s turn to pack it in.

Fukuta 1 – Yasooka 1

Third turn Thrinax again hit the battlefield for Fukuta, but Yasooka Bolt’d it, then mopped up the rest with a Maelstrom Pulse . Fukuta naturally followed it up with another Thrinax, and then another, causing Yasooka to shake his head with a smile. Fukuta added a Great Sable Stag to his team, but it died to another Bolt, before Yasooka Summoned a Broodmate Dragon . The token died to a Terminate , and Fukuta sent his Thrinaxes and a Raging Ravine in to battle the Dragon. A Ruinblaster from Yasooka took care of the Ravine, but Fukuta had another waiting and ready. Bituminous Blast shot down the remaining Dragon, and cascaded up a Ruinblaster. Fukuta turned his team sideways, dropping Yasooka to 1. After the smoke had cleared Yasooka had no creatures, and Fukuta had six Saprolings. He looked Yasooka in the eye for a moment, and pushed them across the table at him. Yasooka chuckled and scooped up his cards.

Shingo Fukuta defeats Shouta Yasooka 2 – 1

Sunday, March 15: 4:56 p.m. – Quarterfinal: Raffy Sarto vs Xue Tong Du

by QJ Wong

Du won the dice roll, chose to start and with a quick "Good luck" from Sarto, the players drew their opening hands and got the quarterfinals started.

A Steppe Lynx and a Goblin Guide quickly took Du to 14 through a Scalding Tarn while all Du had were tapped lands. An Elvish Visionary joined Du’s side of the battlefield but was quickly removed by Sarto’s Burst Lightning which made way for Sarto’s creatures to take another 4 off Du, but gave Du a Savage Lands in the process.

Du had another Elvish Visionary on the following turn as Sarto summoned another Goblin Guide but had to hold back his Steppe Lynx as he missed his 4th land drop. Both of Sarto’s goblins went into the red zone where a Lightning Bolt took care of one of the goblins while the Visionary blocked the other.
Du then summoned a Siege-Gang Commander, which was matched by an Earthquake for 2 from Sarto clearing the entire battlefield.

A Broodmate Dragon from Du spelled doom for Sarto on the following turn however and the dragons quickly took 8 from Sarto. Du added a pair of Sprouting Thrinax onto his side of the board, which prompted Sarto to scoop up his cards at the sight of the second.

Du 1 – Sato 0

Sarto opted to start first and while he quickly chose to keep his opening 7, Du took a mulligan, pondered slightly and chose to keep his 6.

Sarto’s 1st turn Goblin Guide quickly took 2 off Du twice as Sarto summoned a Plated Geopede on his following turn. Du summoned an Elvish Visionary but a Lightning Bolt took her off the battlefield. A Terramorphic Expanse fetching a Plains , which pumped Sarto’s Plated Geopede and took another 7 off Du but he was able to clear the board with a Jund Charm , but not before he took a point of life off himself with his second Verdant Catacombs activation in 2 turns.

Sarto followed that up with a Ranger of Eos who brought along a Goblin Bushwhacker and a Steppe Lynx into Sarto’s hand while Du summoned a Bloodbraid Elf that fetched a Borderland Ranger .
Hoping to seize momentum, Sarto summoned in quick succession, Steppe Lynx , Goblin Guide , Goblin Bushwhacker , kicked, and sent his whole team into the red zone. The Goblin Guide and the Ranger of Eos traded with Du’s Borderland Ranger and Bloodbraid Elf as Du took 3 from the 2/1 Goblin Bushwhacker and the 1/1 Steppe Lynx . Du then cast Blightning on Sarto, emptied Sarto’s hand of a Lightning Bolt and Lynx and added another Elvish Visionary to his board who died blocking Sarto’s 2/3 Steppe Lynx as Sarto drew a Marsh Flats . Du summoned a Malakir Bloodwitch to keep himself alive at 4, but a Hellspark Elemental off the top pushed Du to 1 as the Bloodwitch blocked the 3/1 Elemental, which prompted Sarto to use his Marsh Flats .

Sarto played the Plains he just drew and chose to pass his turn, which led to Du to play his Bituminous Blast which cascaded into a Bloodbraid Elf who in turn cascaded into a Terminate to clear Sarto’s side of the board. After agonizing over his options for a while Du eventually attacked with his Bloodwitch then summoned a Sprouting Thrinax post-combat.

Sarto who was playing off the top of his deck since he took the Blightning , drew his card, and extended his hand to his opponent.

Xue Tong Du defeats Raffy Sarto 2 – 0

Sunday, March 15: 4:56 p.m. – Quarterfinal: Wei Han Chin vs Jakgu Subcharoen

by Alexander West

Chin won the die roll and breathed a deep sigh. Decks were shuffled, and Subcharoen verified his opponent was running a 61 card deck. Both players kept their hands, and Chin kicked off with a Dragonskull Summit . Subcharoen followed with Savage Lands . On turn two Chin summoned a Putrid Leech off a fresh Forest . Subcharoen played a tapped Savage lands and passed the turn back. Chin attacked with a Putrid Leech , scoring first blood, followed by fetching a swamp off a Verdant Catacombs . The player then cast a Sprouting Thrinax and gestured the turn to his opponent. Sabcharoen thought long about the Mountain he played, and then Maelstrom Pulse d the Leech off the board. Chin’s 4th turn saw no land drop, but he attacked with the lone Thrinax into Subcharoens empty board. On turn 4 Sabcharoen went into the tank, and came out with a Forest off a Verdant Catacombs to cast a Bloodbraid Elf which cascaded into a Sprouting Thrinax of his own. The Elf went to work on Chin’s life total, and the turn was passed. At the end of turn Chin Terminate d the Thrinax, then untapped for his 5th turn and Maelstrom Pulse d the Saprolings. He still had no land drop and passed. Sabcharoen played a Dragonskull Summit turn 5, activated his Raging Ravine and bashed in to send his opponent to 9 life. Chin drew for turn 6, set down his cards and took a deep breath. He flicked through his cards pondering his action, ultimately passing with no action, leaving his Thrinax to block. Subcharoen played a Putrid Leech and deployed a second Raging Ravine , then ended his turn. Chin stopped the action on the end step to Lightning Bolt the Bloodbraid Elf , and then began turn 7. He swung in with his Sprouting Thrinax , which Subcharoen met with a Lightning Bolt . He put out his 3 Saprolings, and dropped a Putrid Leech on the table to join them. On the end step Subcharoen Terminate d the leech, then drew his card, and made his 7th land drop in the form of a Swamp . He activated the Raging Ravine that already had a counter and examined his own life total of 11, considering whether he should attack with his own Leech. He chose to swing with both, and Chin blocked the ravine with one Saproling and the leech with two. Rather than risk a pump, Subcharoen Terminate d one of the blockers. Chin still saw no land, but destroyed his opponent’s leech with a Maelstrom Pulse . Subcharoen played a Borderland Ranger . He then activated his Raging Ravine and knocked his opponent down to 3. Chin drew and passed the turn back, still with only 3 lands in play. Subcharoen thought, activated his Raging Ravine without tokens, and sent in the Ranger along with it. Chin blasted the land with a Lightning Bolt , but in the draw step didn’t see what he liked and scooped up his cards.

Chin 0 - Subcharoen 1.

Chin: - 3 Maelstrom Pulse , -3 Broodmate Dragon , -1 Borderland Ranger , +2 Deathmark , +4 Goblin Ruinblaster, +1 Mind Rot

Subcharoen: +3 Great Sable Stag , + 1 Master of the Wild Hunt , -3 Maelstrom Pulse , -1 Putrid Leech

Chin elected to play first again and the two players somberly shuffled their decks. Chin saw a hand he didn’t like and sent it back for a new six, while Subcharoen kept his seven. Chin started with a Dragonskull Summit , which Subcharoen matched. Swamp came down on turn 2 for Chin’s side, while Subcharoen played a Verdent Catacombs. Turn 3 Chin deployed a Raging Ravine , while Subcharoen played a Mountain , fetched up a Forest , and then cast the first spell in the form of a Borderland Ranger who showed him the way to another Forest . On turn 4 Chin dropped a Sprouting Thrinax , and once again got stuck at 3 lands. Subcharoen played his Forest , and summoned a Great Sable Stag , passing the turn without attacking into the larger blocker. Chin played a tapped Raging Ravine and then a putrid Leech, and Subcharoen Lightning Bolt ed the Chin’s Thrinax at the end of his turn. For his own 5th turn Subcharoen played a Mountain and passed. Chin used his sixth turn to attack with the Putrid Leech which Subcharoen blocked with his Borderland Ranger . He feared an instant reponse so Chin allowed the two creatures to trade without pumping. In his 2nd main phase Chin dropped a Garruk Wildspeaker , and untapped two lands to raise his loyalty to 4. An end step Bituminous Blast from Subcharoen cascaded into a Lightning Bolt which took out a 2nd Saproling token. On his own 6th turn Subcharoen cascaded a Bloodbraid Elf into a Blightning which he sent Chin’s way. Chin discarded a Lightning Bolt and his own Blightning , and his Garruk fell to 1 loyalty. Terminate took out the last Saproling from the Thrinax, and then Subcharoen’s Bloodbraid Elf came to finish off Garruk. Chin played out his last card, a Sprouting Thrinax . Subcharoen dropped a Master of the Wild Hunt , and passed the turn back. Chin made a Bloodbraid Elf and swung in along with an activated Raging Ravine . Subcharoen Terminate d the land and exchanged the Bloodbraided berserker with his own creature. A wolf came out on Subcharoens side, which he then added a Sprouting Thrinax to. Chin drew and passed with his mystery card, and Subcharoen’s wolf ate a Saproling before the turn ended. Subcharoen upkeeped a second wolf into play, and then cast a Bloodbraid Elf cascading into a Blightning for Chin’s Swamp in hand. The Bloodbraid and Thrinax attacked, Chin double blocked the elf, and the Master of the Wild Hunt killed one Saproling to turn the other into a chump blocker. Chin drew, played a land and passed. Subcharoen attacked with his entire army, Chin activated his land to block, but it was Terminate d. Out of gas and facing superior numbers, Chin conceded that the game and match were lost.

Chin 0 - Subcharoen 2.

Sunday, March 15: 4:56 p.m. – Quarterfinal: Zhiyang Zhang vs. Ding Yuan Leong

by Brian Kowal

The top 8 of GP Kuala Lumpur involved six Jund decks. Leong, from Singapore found himself with a well situated red deck for the top 8. Zhang was from China representing the Jund legions.

Leong won the roll and chose to play. He led out with the ideal mono red start of Goblin Guide . (ZZ18) Zhang was forced to lose the extra land he got from the first swing due to having eight cards in hand. Leong had a second Goblin Guide on his turn. (ZZ14) Zhang produced a Putrid Leech to stop the bleeding and traded it for one of the Guides on Leong’s turn. (ZZ12) Zhang played a second Putrid Leech to deal with the second Goblin Guide , but Leong upped the ante with a Ball Lightning and a Quenchable Fire . Zhang got ready for the next game. It was short and sweet like a red mage prefers.

Both players sideboarded very quickly, apparently well versed in the matchup. They also both chose to mulligan their hands. Game 2 found Leong with another turn one Goblin Guide followed by a turn two Hellspark Elemental . Zhang quickly found himself at 13 before playing a single card. The next turn brought back the Elemental for more damage, but the Guide found a Terminate . (ZZ10) Zhang untapped and played the great planeswalker Garruk Wildspeaker . Garruk dropped a beast into play. Leong was not phased. He sent a Hellspark Elemental over the head of the 3/3 and knocked Zhang down to 5 after a sackland. Zhang untapped and played a Bloodbraid Elf , cascaded into a Lightning Bolt and played a Blightning with a little help from Garruk. This brought Leong down to only 6. Leong untapped and passed his turn with no play. Zhang had yet another Bloodbraid Elf on his turn which was enough damage to send this match to a third game.

Zhang took his time sideboarding for Game 3, trying to come up with the best adjustments to Leong’s hasty deck going first. He boarded back in a Garruk and considered adding a Mind Rot , but didn’t. Zhang let out a frustrated sigh when Leong came out with a turn one Goblin Guide for the third game in a row. Hellspark Elemental on turn two made this game look a lot like the second already with Zhang quickly down to 13. Zhang Explore d an untapped Mountain into play on his turn and bolted away the Goblin Guide while the returning Hellspark knocked him to 10. Leong had a Lightning Bolt (ZZ7) for Zhang’s face followed by a Quenchable Fire (ZZ1) on his fourth turn that knocked Zhang down to a single life. A Burst Lightning off the top of the deck got a good cheer from Leong’s fellow Singaporeans.

Ding Yuan Leong defeats Zhiyang Zhang 2 – 1

Sunday, March 15: 5:33 p.m. – Semifinal: Ding Leong vs Jakgu Subcharoen

by Ray "blisterguy" Walkinshaw

Sunday, March 15: 5:33a.m. – Top 4: Ding Leong vs Jakgu Subcharoen
by Ray "blisterguy" Walkinshaw

Ding Leong won the roll and sent in a turn one Goblin Guide , gifting Jakgu Subcharoen a Forest , and then a Savage Lands a turn later. Leong’s second turn had little in the way of business, so Subcharoen played another Savage Lands and passed the turn back after discarding a Blightning . Leong had a Blightning of his own, hitting Broodmate Dragon and Verdant Catacombs . Lightning Bolt took out the Guide, before Subcharoen untapped and summoned a Sprouting Thrinax , just the kind of thing he would need to hold off Leong’s aggressive Red/Black deck. Leong summoned a Hell’s Thunder, dropping Subcharoen to 9 life, but didn’t play a fourth land. Subcharoen retaliated with a Blightning of his own, hitting Mountain and Earthquake . Leong again had Blightning , dumping Putrid Leech and Terminate , before playing a Scalding Tarn , one card left in hand.

Subcharoen attacked with his Thrinax, dropping Leong to 14 before summoning a Master of the Wild Hunt . Leong went straight for the face with a Quenchable Fire , and eying up the Hell’s Thunder in Leong’s graveyard, Subcharoen went straight for his sideboard.

Leong 1 – Subcharoen 0

Subcharoen hopes Game 2 against Leong will go a little better.

Leong’s turn one Goblin Guide was a bit better behaved this time, revealing a Blightning instead of a land, but was quickly pulled up short by a Putrid Leech . Leong played a land, and pointed a Searing Blaze at it. Subcharoen started counting, not liking the amount of life-loss this could and result in, and eventually decided on pumping his Leech. Leong declined to attack into it. Duress from Subcharoen took Lightning Bolt , leaving Hellspark Elemental , Mountain and double Hell’s Thunder. Subcharoen then shipped the turn back without a third land. Leong drew an Arid Mesa off the top and sent a Thunder it to meet Subcharoen, dropping him to 9. The second Thunder took him down to 5, and Leong then played another Arid Mesa . Subcharoen cocked an eyebrow, knowing that the Hellspark Elemental in Leong’s hand was still hanging out with a Mountain . Sure enough, Leong Unearth ed one of the Thunders and took Subcharoen to 1. One draw step later and Subcharoen was offering the handshake in defeat.

Ding Leong defeats Jakgu Subcharoen 2 – 0

Subcharoen admitted after the match that he decided before the event to throw the Mono Red matchup away, instead focusing on Jund, Naya and Blue/White with his sideboard.

Sunday, March 15: 5:35 p.m. – Semifinal: Shingo Fukuta vs. Xue Tong Du

by Brian Kowal

This half of the top 4 was a Jund mirror match between Japan’s Shingo Fukuta and China’s Xue Tong Du. Du won the die roll and chose to play. Du had an interesting twist to his deck with four Elvish Visionary and no Putrid Leech in his main deck. Fukuta’s deck was more of the usual suspects we’ve all found ourselves losing to time and again.

Both players threw back their first seven cards immediately. Fukuta was satisfied with his six card hand, but Du couldn’t find a good opening set and went all the way down to four cards before starting the game. He was still able to hit his first few land drops and get a pair of Elvish Visionaries into play which plinked away the first few points of Fukuta’s life. Fukuta had no play until a turn four Bloodbraid Elf into a devastating Blightning against the triple mulliganed opponent. Lacking black mana, Du discarded a Blightning and a Lightning Bolt . He added a third Visionary to his team on his turn and traded two of them for the Bloodbraid Elf . Fukuta brought a Siege-Gang Commander to outmatch Du’s single remaining 1/1. A pair of Lightning Bolt s sealed up the game for Fukuta.


The players sideboarded.

-3 Maelstrom Pulse
-2 Garruk Wildspeaker
-2 Terminate

+3 Goblin Ruinblaster
+3 Jund Charm
+1 Slave of Bolas

-3 Maelstrom Pulse
-2 Lightning Bolt
-2 Putrid Leech

+4 Goblin Ruinblaster
+3 Great Sable Stag

Both players kept their hands for game 2. Neither cast a spell until turn 4. Du opened with a Sprouting Thrinax and Fukuta responded with a Goblin Ruinblaster destroying a Savage Lands . This left Du with no play on the next turn. Fukuta added a Thrinax to his team but failed to play a fifth land. Du’s next turn brought his first Bloodbraid Elf of the match to play which got him to a Goblin Ruinblaster that brought Fukuta down to only 3 lands. Du attacked with only his Bloodbraid Elf and Fukuta traded his Thrinax for it, getting three Saproling tokens. Fukuta passed and then went for a Terminate on Du’s Thrinax. Du responded with a Jund Charm , clearing the battlefield for his three Saprolings that would be appearing. Fukuta played a Bloodbraid which cascaded into a fairly ineffectual Lightning Bolt on a Saproling. Du came back on his turn with a Broodmate Dragon . Fukuta had a Bituminous Blast deal with one of the dragons, but had another weak cascade into a Goblin Ruinblaster that he lacked the extra red mana to kill a land with. Life totals were still fairly high at this point at 15 each. Du went after Fukuita on his turn attacking with his dragon, Raging Ravine and two Saproling tokens. Fukuta chose to take the eight damage and kill Du’s 1/1s. The next turn found another Dragon and Ravine attack. Fukuta removed the Dragon with Terminate and chump blocked the Ravine with Bloodbraid Elf . Fukuta tried to stall the Raging Ravine with a Siege-Gang Commander, but Du had a second Jund Charm to remove the goblins, deliver the killing blow with Raging Ravine , and tie up the match.


-3 Siege-Gang Commander
+3 Duress

Fukuta mulliganed his opening hand. He played Duress on his second turn stealing a Blightning from Du’s hand. Each player brought out a Sprouting Thrinax on their third turn. These traded to give each player a collection of saprolings. Fukuta played his own Blightning and Du chose to discard Jund Charm and Broodmate Dragon . The 1/1s all traded with each other on Du’s turn and Du followed up the plant carnage with a post combat Goblin Ruinblaster . Fukuta stumbled on mana and allowed Du to add a Siege-Gang Commander to the board. Fukuta was able to get the fourth land he needed the next turn to play Bloodbraid Elf and hit a critical Lightning Bolt for Du’s Commander. Du sent all his creatures and his Lavaclaw Reaches into the red zone on the next turn and knocked Fukuta to only eight life. Fukuta played a Great Sable Stag to try to stabilize, but Du had had his miser’s Slave of Bolas to take Fukuta’s Bloodbraid Elf and reduce Fukuta to only 3 life. Fukuta added a second Stag to his team. Du pressed the advantage and attacked with a Raging Ravine and his two remaining goblins. Fukuta double blocked the Ravine and went down to one life. He played a Ruinblaster removing Du’s last manland. His board had finally stabilized. Unfortunately for Fukuta, it would not be enough. Xue Tong Du drew another Goblin Ruinblaster for the third creature he needed to claim that last point of life and head to the finals.

Xue Tong Du defeats Shingo Fukuta 2 – 1

Sunday, March 15: 6:37p.m. – Final: Xue Tong Du vs. Ding Yuan Leong

by Ray "blisterguy" Walkinshaw

While Xue Tong Du is a relative newcomer to Grand Prix top 8’s, not only did Ding Leong top 8 the World Championships in 2005, he won the Grand Prix in Kuala Lumpur in back in 2002 with a Red/Black draft deck. While this tournament had an almost equal share of Jund and Naya decks, none of the Naya decks or White/Blue control decks made it as far as the top 8, making the field look a lot more lopsided than it actually was. The other non-Jund hope in the top 8, Raffy Sarto was knocked out in two quick games by Du in the quarterfinals, but Leong’s nearly Mono Red deck (splashing for Blightning ) has bested both Jund decks he’s faced so far, and is no doubt chomping at the bit to do it again.

Du won the die roll, and lead with a Lavaclaw Reaches , while Leong sent a turn two Hellspark Elemental upside the head. Du summoned his Best Possible Blocker in Sprouting Thrinax , but Leong flew right over the top with a Hell’s Thunder. Du attacked back, and summoned another Thrinax. Leong considered his options, signing, and eventually playing a Mountain and unearthing the Elemental. Du traded his Thrinax for the 3 damage, and sent his team back at Leong, losing his second Thrinax to a Lightning Bolt . Leong again lapsed into thought, before Earthquaking for 2 to wipe out Du’s six Saprolings. Du responded with a Bituminous Blast on one of them, cascading into a Blightning , hitting a Blightning and a backup Earthquake , dropping the life totals to Du: 11 and Leong: 7. Leong then Bolted Du, and then dropped him even further with a Quenchable Fire , Du now at 5 going on 2, to Leong’s 7. Du summoned an Elvish Visionary and passed the turn back, not wanting to attack with his Raging Ravine for fear of all manner of hasty damage on the return. Leong’s next card seemed to be blank, as he passed the turn back to Du with four mana open and two cards in hand, A Hell’s Thunder waiting patiently in the Graveyard.

Xue Tong Du sends in the Thrinaxes.

Du untapped and considered his options, shaking his head. He sent in his Elf, dropping Leong to 6, before tapping low to summon a Broodmate Dragon . Leong drew his card and wasted no time in pointing a freshly drawn Burst Lightning at Du.

Leong 1 – Du 0

Du again had a third turn Thrinax, while Leong’s first play was a Blightning , hitting Forest and Broodmate Dragon . Du attacked for 3, but didn’t summon any replacement blockers, discarding Bituminous Blast and Verdant Catacombs to a second Blightning from Leong. Goblin Guide then tried to get in for two, giving Du a Savage Lands and dying to the other card in his hand, a Jund Charm . Du untapped and sent his Raging Ravine in alongside the Thrinax, dropping Leong to 9 to Du’s 14. Leong played a fifth land, but had no play, sitting on a Lavaclaw Reaches and five mana. Du tested the waters by sending in the Thrinax alone. Leong cracked a Scalding Tarn and shot down the Thrinax with a Searing Blaze , putting Du to 11 to his 8. Leong cleared the Saprolings with an Earthquake for 1, and played an Arid Mesa .

Leong only has eyes for Du... ‘s life total.

Du attacked again with his Ravine, now a 5/5. Leong tried to impose his Lavaclaw Reaches , but with a read on a Lightning Bolt , Du used a Bolt of his own to force the Ravine through to drop Leong to 1. Leong again sent the turn back without play, sighing. Instead of attacking Leong with his Ravine, Du decided to ‘play it safe’ and summon a Broodmate Dragon , trying to figure out just what Leong could have that could have to topple him from his comparatively lofty ten life. Playing for his outs, Leong pointed two Lightning Bolt s at Du at the end of his turn, drew his next card, and...

DING! He got there, winning Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur with a Burst Lightning off the top for exactly enough.

Ding Leong defeats Xue Tong Du 2 – 1 to become the 2010 Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur Champion for the second time.

Sunday, 4:34p.m. – PTQ San Juan Top 8 Decks

by Ray "blisterguy" Walkinshaw

Chapman Sim – Winner

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Desmond Ong – Finalist

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Matt Marr – Semifinalist

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Thirawat Chaovarindr – Semifinalist

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