Posted in GRAND PRIX KOBE 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on August 24, 2014

By Ben Swartz

Before the match began, the players got a chance to look at each other's decklists: Yuuki Akaboshi claimed that his R/G Tron deck was "completely normal." It was true, there was nothing out of the ordinary in newcomer Yuuki Akaboshi's list. He did not require his deck to be flashy to go 13-2 in the swiss and lock up his first Grand Prix top eight.

His opponent, Yuusei Gotou, on the other hand, had an anything but ordinary Affinity list. Dubbed "No Affinty" for including zero cards with "Affinity" written on them, he has been able to use burn spells such as Shrapnel Blast and Galvanic Blast to take opponents out from nowhere all weekend long. In addition to the burn spells, he has Tarmogoyf and Ensoul Artifact in the place of more traditional Affinity creatures giving him protection from many of the standard anti-Affinity cards.

The Games

Play started with a Thoughtseize from Gotou which revealed a hand of Pyroclasm, two Urza's Towers, Urza's Mine, Ancient Stirrings, Chromatic Sphere, and Expedition Map from Akaboshi.

Yuuki Akaboshi

"Whew, you don't have all three [tron pieces]," Gotou quipped

"But I do have that," Akaboshi mentioned, pointing to Expedition Map.

It was therefore no surprise that Gotou tossed the Expedition Map into Akaboshi's graveyard.

Gotou then cast Ensoul Artifact on his Mox Opal and attacked for 5.

Akaboshi was able to find a Karn off of his Ancient Stirrings, but was still left without access to an Urza's Tower. After a few more attacks with Mox Opal, Gotou finished Akaboshi off with Galvanic Blast.

Gotou 1-0 Akaboshi

"That was so quick!" Akaboshi exclaimed.

While the first game ended with a Galvanic Blast, the second one started with one: Gotou cast it at the end of Akaboshi's second turn looking to deal four damage. Akaboshi revealed that he had a Ancient Grudge, destroying Gotou's Mox Opal and turning off Metalcraft.

Gotou had an Ancient Grudge of his own and used it to stifle Akaboshi's hopes at forming Urzatron by destroying Expedition Map.

"Magic is difficult, eh?" Gotou mentioned as he decided to cast an Ensoul Artifact on his Chromatic Star. After an attack, Akaboshi fell to 13.

Yuusei Gotou

Akaboshi used the other half of his Ancient Grudge to take out the 5/5 Chromatic Star on the following turn, Gotou then cast a Cranial Plating and waited for Akaboshi to destroy the world with the newly minted Oblivion Stone.

In response to the Oblivion Stone activation, Gotou got 5 points in with Shrapnel Blast. On his next turn he used Ensoul Artifact on his Darksteel Citadel. This prompted a Nature's Claim on the Enchantment while Akaboshi fell to 5.

Akaboshi thought for a while at the end of turn. He activated his newly minted Eye of Ugin and found a Wurmcoil Engine. Gotou attacked in with a pair of Blinkmoth Nexuses dropping Akaboshi to 3, When Akaboshi tapped out at end of turn to use Eye of Ugin, Gotou found the opening to cast a lethal Galvanic Blast.

Yuusei Gotou defeats Yuuki Akaboshi 2-0