Posted in GRAND PRIX KOBE 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on August 24, 2014

By Ben Swartz

These are the decks that conquered the competition and took their players to the Top 8 in Grand Prix Kōbe 2014.

Yuusei Gotou

Creature (16)
4 Ornithopter 4 Memnite 4 Vault Skirge 4 Tarmogoyf
Sorcery (2)
2 Thoughtseize
Instant (8)
4 Galvanic Blast 4 Shrapnel Blast
Enchantment (4)
4 Ensoul Artifact
60 Cards

Shohei Mita

Yuuki Akaboshi

Teruya Kakumae

Bo Sun

Yuuki Ichikawa

Takuya Yamada

Ken Sawada

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