Grand Prix Kobe Day 2 Metagame Breakdown

Posted in GRAND PRIX KOBE 2015 on November 22, 2015

By Ben Swartz

All 293 decklists from day 2 of Grand Prix Kobe have been tallied and the numbers are in! Here is the metagame breakdown:

Deck Name Number Percent
Abzan Aggro 103 35.15%
Esper Dragon 31 10.58%
Other 32 10.92%
Dark Jeskai 24 8.19%
Atarka Red 19 6.48%
Rally The Ancestors 16 5.46%
Abzan with Blue 13 4.44%
Other Esper 9 3.07%
Mardu 10 3.41%
Esper Mentor 7 2.39%
Temur 7 2.39%
U/G Ramp 6 2.05%
W/B Warrior 5 1.71%
Abzan with Red 4 1.37%
Other Ramp 4 1.37%
Other Abzan 2 0.68%
Jeskai 1 0.34%

If you took a look at the Last Chance Grand Prix Trial lists from Kobe then it will come as no surprise that Japanese players love Abzan Aggro. The White-Black-Green menace comprised more than 35% of the day 2 metagame.

The next biggest archetype, comprising a little more than 10% of the field, was Esper Dragons. Thirty-one players decided to take a page out of Lucas Blohon's book this weekend and play the GP Brussels winning archetype. Most notably playing the archetype is Pro Tour Hall of Famer, Shuhei Nakamura, who, at time of writing, is 11-1 with the control deck.

After that is Dark Jeskai which makes up a little more than 8% of the metagame. Although Dark Jeskai was a popular choice by pros at Pro Tour Battle For Zendikar, its popularity has fallen off as of late.

Finally with a little more than 5% of a piece are Atarka Red and Rally the Ancestors. It's no surprise that 19 players made it into day 2 with Atarka Red, but it is a little surprising that, after the success that Team EUreka had in Brussels with the deck, Rally the Ancestors decks only put 16 players into Day 2. Among them include (20) Lee Shi Tian. I caught up with Lee Shi Tian early today and asked him his thoughts on his version of the Rally the Ancestors deck here.

After those there are a smattering of decks that contribute a couple of percentage points each: Mardu, Esper Mentor–a deck that Japanese pro Ken Yukuhiro is playing–Temur, and U/G Ramp.

With only a couple rounds to go stay tuned to see which archetypes make up the top 8 here in Kobe.