Day 2 Standard Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on April 19, 2015

By Tobi Henke

The numbers are in! 152 decklists have all been counted, sorted, and checked, and now we really know what decks put the most people into the second day of the competition here at Grand Prix Kraków.

Deck # Played % of Field
Red Aggro* 31 20.4
Abzan Aggro 26 17.1
Esper Dragons 26 17.1
Abzan Control 14 9.2
Green Devotion** 10 6.6
Abzan Midrange 5 3.3
Blue/Black Dragons 5 3.3
Jeskai Tokens 4 2.6
Ojutai Bant 4 2.6
Red/Green Dragons 4 2.6
Blue/Black Control 3 2.0
Sidisi-Whip 3 2.0
White/Blue Heroic*** 3 2.0
Jeskai Dragons 2 1.3
Jund 2 1.3
Others**** 10 6.6
Total: 152 100

As always, for the purpose of getting a somewhat bigger picture, similar versions of decks have been lumped together in the above table. If you prefer a finer filter, look no further!

*) The 31 Red Aggro decks include 19 with a splash of green, usually for Atarka's Command and sometimes for one or two copies of Become Immense—basically, Martin Dang's Pro Tour-winning list from last week. The other twelve were all mono-colored.

**) Coming from the other side, seven of the Green Devotion decks featured a bit of red, mostly for Dragonlord Atarka, akin to what Ondřej Stráský played to a third-place finish at Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir. Two had a splash of white, another was greedy and splashed both white and red.

***) The red players weren't the only to dabble in green for a Command as one of the White/Blue Heroic decks included Dromoka's Command.

****) The "Others" category was made up exclusively of one-ofs. One was Chromantiflayer, the deck named after the combination of Chromanticore and Soulflayer; then there was one copy of Red/Green Bees, featuring the deadly combination of Hornet Nest and Roast and Setessan Tactics; there also was one Black/Red Aggro and one Red/White Aggro, Mardu Dragons and Naya Midrange, an interesting take on Green/Black similar to Rock decks of ages past and Raphaël Lévy's Big Red; finally, two aggressive decks, one in white and green, the other Temur, were both making good use of Collected Company.

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