Grand Prix Kyōto 2015 Photo Journal

Posted in GRAND PRIX KYŌTO 2015 on April 18, 2015

By Ben Swartz

By Seo Asako and translated by Ben Swartz

During Spring in the ancient capital of Japan many Legacy decks have bloomed here at Grand Prix Kyōto 2015. Join us, won't you?

The tournament is held in the same location as the 2013 Team Grand Prix in Kyōto. This place seems to have an affinity for Magic.

As you enter you are greeted by a Japanese Shrine gate, or Torii. As is traditional at Japanese shrines, desires are written in calligraphy and presented.

Five colors, prayer for victory, no mistakes, first strike are among some of the wishes.

Free pamphlets have been distributed. Among other things, they include event schedules, bus schedules, and an interview with Yuuya Wantanabe.

Near the pamphlets are placards of showing the winners of previous events in Kyōto.

The head judges of the event. Because the tournament is so large there are two Head Judges.

With an announcement from the Tournament Organizer, Grand Prix Kyōto officially begins.

The tournament hall in its entirety.

Players mingling around the various booths in preparation for the tournament.

As always, the event is being live-streamed. Inside the tournament hall there is a large screen projecting the broadcast.