Round 9 Feature Match: Teruya Kakumae (OmniTell) vs. Takafumi Nakamura (Temur Delver)

Posted in Event Coverage on April 18, 2015

By Chapman Sim

Teruya Kakumae has gone from zero to hero in the current season. After winning Grand Prix Kobe (Modern) and Grand Prix Auckland (Limited), he has now trying to clinch a victory at Legacy.

It was also previously announced that player with the "Top Pro Points in 2014–2015 Premier Play Season Grand Prix (Uncapped)" would be invited to the World Championships for a shot at being the World Champion. Kakumae is the currently the frontrunner of this race at an impressive 26 Pro Points, and the newly minted Gold Pro could well be invited to play in the World Championships in August.

His opponent, Takafumi Nakamura, was not going to go down with a fight. He was piloting Temur Delver, a deck laden with a cheap threats and a decent amount of countermagic as defense. Both players have already picked up two losses and would need to win this round to advance to Day 2.

Game One

Kakumae has his eye on more Pro Points and a spot in the Player Championships.

Nakamura's first move of the match was to resolve Tarmogoyf, forcing Kakmuae to assemble the combo before it could kill him. Kakumae's second turn was much more exciting, as he attempted Show and Tell with the aid of Lotus Petal.

However, being tapped out left him vulnerable to Daze, a card that Nakamura wasted no time returning an Island to pay for. Both players exchanged Force of Wills and the dust settled.

Now that Kakumae's hand was emptied of “business”, he tried to resculpt his Ponder and Preordain, but his life was quickly dropping due to the opposing Tarmogoyf. Thankfully, he managed to find a second copy of Show and Tell, allowing him to slam Omniscience and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn onto the battlefield.

A two card combo that ends games almost as soon as it is assembled.

To cement his victory, he used Intuition to tutor up a trio of Cunning Wishes, using one copy to grab Eladamri's Call from his sideboard. A second Emrakul gave him another turn to attack for the win.

Teruya Kakumae 1 – Takafumi Nakamura 0

Game Two

Kakumae's was forced to take a mulligan and Nakamura elected to go to war when Kakumae tried Ponder. Kakumae countered the opposing Pyroblast with Flusterstorm. Nakamura clearly felt that the Ponder was crucial, and was willing to return an Island to his hand to counter it with Daze. This set him back a turn, and he was unable to deploy his pair of Tarmogoyfs.

Unfazed, Kakumae continued to sculpt his hand with the aid of a second Ponder and Brainstorm. Without pressure on the board, there was no need to rush into the combo despite him already having it in his hand.

Kakumae successfully resolved Defense Grid on turn three, rendering all of Nakamura's countermagic worthless. Show and Tell resolved uncontested and when Emrakul, the Aeons Torn reared it's many ugly ends, Nakamura extended the hand in gracious defeat.

Nakamura gets annihilated by Emrakul in two swift games.

Teruya Kakumae 2 – Takafumi Nakamura 0

Teruya Kakumae wins and advances to Day 2 to continue his pursuit for Pro Points!

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