Grand Prix Kyoto 2016 Photo Journal

Posted in GRAND PRIX KYOTO 2016 on September 10, 2016

By Ben Swartz

by Yuichi Horikawa, translated by Ben Swartz

With fall near at the former capital, many 3 player teams have assembled for Grand Prix Kyoto 2016. Let’s give a little introduction to the scenery this morning.

The tournament is being held in Kyoto Pulse Plaza. Home to both the 2015 Grand Prix and the 2013 Grand Prix, Magic has quite a connection to this place.

The entrance to the hall. The Gatewatch are there to greet you.

Just to the right of the entrance is the food cart area.

This time there are free pamphlets. Gisa and Geralf are on the cover. Since they are siblings and this is a team tournament, the image is meant to be heartwarming to attendees.

In preparation for September’s full moon, a Magic riverside willow corner has been constructed showing cards that picture moons.

A view from the top looking down. On the left side is the main event area.

Here is the Feature Match area. The video crew is carefully preparing the lighting and cameras for the Japanese live stream of the event.

And, lastly, here is a memorial display of previous premier events that took place in Kyoto.

And with that, the Grand Prix Kyoto has begun. Stay tuned for continuing coverage!