Posted in GRAND PRIX LOS ANGELES 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on October 18, 2014

By Frank Karsten

With over 1,700 players in the room there's no chance we could tell you about the whole of the Day 1 metagame. Something we can tell you about, however, are the deck choices of all 33 players who had three byes. This group consists of:

• No. 1 ranked Owen Turtenwald
• No. 3 ranked Shaun McLaren
• No. 4 ranked Reid Duke
• No. 5 ranked Ivan Floch
• No. 9 ranked William Jensen
• No. 10 ranked Stanislav Cifka
• No. 11 ranked Eric Froehlich
• No. 13 ranked Josh Utter-Leyton
• No. 14 ranked Ben Stark
• No. 16 ranked Patrick Chapin
• No. 17 ranked Tom Martell
• No. 18 ranked Shahar Shenhar
• No. 20 ranked Samuel Black
• No. 21 ranked Alexander Hayne
• No. 22 ranked Jacob Wilson
• No. 25 ranked Christian Calcano
• Hall of Famer Brian Kibler
• Hall of Famer Alan Comer

• Platinum pro Patrick Dickmann
• Platinum pro Chris Fennell
• Platinum pro Martin Juza
• Platinum pro Josh McClain
• Platinum pro Nam Sung Wook
• Gold pro Fabrizio Anteri
• Gold pro Willy Edel
• Gold pro Valentin Mackl
• Gold pro Seth Manfield
• Gold pro Brad Nelson
• Gold pro David Ochoa
• Gold pro Samuel Pardee
• Gold pro Matt Sperling
• Gold pro Jon Stern
• Gold pro Craig Wescoe

Looking at this impressive list, it is clear that the field today is absolutely stacked today with talent! Here's the archetype breakdown of what these players are playing:

Jeskai Wins 12
Mardu Midrange 4
Abzan Aggro 3
Green Devotion 3
U/B Control 3
Abzan Midrange 3
G/B Constellation 2
Jeskai Ascendancy combo 1
RW Aggro 1
Temur Aggro 1

So roughly one-third of the three-bye players are running Jeskai Wins, with Mantis Rider as the marquee card.

Beyond that, however, the format appears to be wide open with many different archetypes being represented. More on Sunday, when we have a detailed breakdown of all Day 2 decks for you!