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By Marc Calderaro

What Standard Card Has the most Unrealized Potential?

Willy EdelPurphoros, God of the Forge. Red has a new Goblin Guide [Monastery Swiftblade], and we are seeing a new resurgence of control. Purphoros is positioned well to give red decks reach against control. And gives the midrange match-up inevitability.
(9) William Jensen Perilous Vault. It's very powerful against Green. Nobody's playing it yet.




Jon Stern Master of Waves. It's just a great card, especially against things like Siege Rhino. All the pieces aren't quite there, but it could become very good in the meta.
Matt Sperling Nessian Game Warden. Green decks need a threat that also develops your hand. There is a lot of removal going around now.






(11) Eric Froehlich Nullify. Can I say that? People need to play more of that.
Alan Comer Howl of the Horde. I tried to make an Ensoul Artifact deck with Shrapnel Blast and Howl of the Horde for twenty damage all at once. It didn't work out, but something's there.






Craig Wescoe Clever Impersonator. He can beat a Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker by being a Sarkhan; he can negate Siege Rhino; and a whole horde of other uses people aren't using yet.
(22) Jacob Wilson and Sam Pardee –






Sam: "Savage Knuckleblade. I worked on a few decks with it, and just didn't get there. I didn't get to test in between the Pro Tour and here, but if I did, I would've worked on that deck."



Jacob: "I would say Stubborn Denial for the same reasons. That card goes right into that Knuckleblade deck."

Sam: "Oh, and Crater's Claws. That card is real good. Wait, it goes in that deck too doesn't it?"

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