Posted in GRAND PRIX LOS ANGELES 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on October 19, 2014

By Frank Karsten

How did the results from the Pro Tour affect your deck choice?

We saw a lot of interesting decks at the Pro Tour last weekend, but how did the results rom that tournament affect the deck choices of the Grand Prix competitors this weekend?

(5) Ivan Floch - I don't expect many people to play Nykthos decks because none of them were in the Top 8 of the Pro Tour. So, I wanted to play a deck that has a bad matchup against Nytkhos decks and a good matchup against the rest of the field.
Alexander Hayne - I expected lots of Jeskai and Abzan here today. Jeskai Ascendancy combo didn't perform as well at the Pro Tour, so I cut some of my combo hate cards from the sideboard.




Brad Nelson - Based on the results of the Pro Tour, I expected people would play not only Abzan and Jeskai, but also Green Devotion because it's good against both of them. I decided to play Mardu with a haymaker sideboard because I like how Goblin Rabblemaster and Butcher of the Horde can efficiently take out the Planeswalkers that are in most of the top decks.
Matt Sperling - I tried not to play last week's deck but this week's deck. Now the metagame is skewed towards beating Jeskai and Abzan, while Green Devotion is not expected as much. So I chose to play Green Devotion myself.






Martin Juza - You have to take into account the top decks at the Pro Tour and build your deck with those in mind, but we already expected Abzan and Jeskai at the Pro Tour, so the results of the Pro Tour didn't really affect my choice much.
Josh Mcclain - I expected more Abzan and Jeskai, though I found it hard to predict which version exactly. I am running the same Abzan deck that I ran at the PT, but I added Wingmate Roc and cut Heir of the Wilds to improve my deck against Magma Jet.