Grand Prix Lille Day 2 Metagame

Posted in GRAND PRIX LILLE 2015 on July 5, 2015

By Tobi Henke

The numbers are in! 163 lists have all been counted and categorized and now we know what decks made it to the second day here at Grand Prix Lille. You want to know too? Well, look no further! (Or rather do. Down here, that is.)

Deck # %
Miracles 28 17.2
Omni-Tell 16 9.8
Grixis Delver 12 7.4
Sultai Delver 11 6.7
Grixis No-Delver 10 6.1
Storm 9 5.5
Infect 8 4.9
Temur Delver 7 4.3
Elves 6 3.7
Shardless Sultai 5 3.1
4-Color Delver 5 3.1
Lands 5 3.1
Reanimator 5 3.1
Stoneblade 4 2.5
Death and Taxes 4 2.5
Jund 4 2.5
Maverick 4 2.5
Aggro Loam 3 1.8
Burn 3 1.8
Merfolk 3 1.8
U/R Delver 3 1.8
Sneak and Show 2 1.2
MUD 2 1.2
Cloudpost 1 0.6
Dredge 1 0.6
Esper Mentor 1 0.6
Goblins 1 0.6
Total: 163 100.0

As so often in life, however, statistics only go so far. The big thing to keep in mind here is that some of the above archetypes are very, very similar to each other and that their fragmented numbers may give the wrong idea about their actual importance as a metagame factor.

In Legacy, this mostly applies to the various variations of Delver of Secrets. There clearly are differences between them: Temur is more about attacking the opponent's mana with Stifle in addition to the regular Wasteland, the black versions of the deck typically are more about attacking the opponent's hand with spells like Cabal Therapy (found in Grixis alongside Young Pyromancer) or Hymn to Tourach (often part of the Sultai line-up), and the straight blue/red build is more about attacking the opponent directly. But there's obviously some major overlap between these strategies, and in total they put 38 players into the second day to make up about 23% of today's field …

On the other hand, the Grixis Delver deck also is very similar to what I have dubbed "Grixis No-Delver." This is essentially the same deck but eschews Delver of Secrets for more noncreature spells.

So yes, it's quite hard to break down the metagame into discrete pieces when really it's more of a continuum.

The other big stories here are Miracles and Omni-Tell. Both continue to thrive, and Omni-Tell, which started out as a whacky alternative to the then more popular Sneak and Show decks, leaves no doubt as to what is the prime Show and Tell deck of our time.