9th to 64th Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on August 28, 2016

By Craig Jones and Tobi Henke

A very diverse selection of Modern decks were brought to Grand Prix Lille 2016. You've already seen the Top 8 lists. Here are the decks that finished 9th to 64th. Maybe there will be something here that takes your fancy you can take to your next tournament.

Kevin Grove's Amulet-Scout – 9th GP Lille 2016

Remi Fortier's Jund – 10th GP Lille 2016

Jérémy Dezani's Blood Moon Jund – 11th GP Lille 2016

Alessandro Casamenti's Ad Nauseam – 12th GP Lille 2016

Ni Chang Wie Shen's Elves – 13th GP Lille 2016

Christian Hauck's Bant Eldrazi – 14th GP Lille 2016

Louis Bachaud's Death's Shadow Aggro – 15th GP Lille 2016

Kenneth Pletinckx's Infect – 16th GP Lille 2016

Wessel Groot's Dredge – 17th GP Lille 2016

Vincent Lemoine's Storm – 18th GP Lille 2016

Claude Schmit's Jeskai Nahiri – 19th GP Lille 2016

Troels Munk's Grixis Control – 20th GP Lille 2016

Cristian Ortiz Roz's Mono-Green Tron – 21st GP Lille 2016