Quick Question: Cool Play?

Posted in Event Coverage on August 28, 2016

By Tobi Henke

We asked some of the more notable players in attendance at Grand Prix Lille this weekend whether they had seen (or made) any particularly sweet or spectacular plays during the tournament so far. Unsurprisingly, this being Modern, everyone had a cool story to share.

No. 21 Petr Sochůrek: A friend of mine activated Mishra's Bauble, looked at the top card of his opponent's library, and wrote down Path to Exile. The opponent played accordingly, expecting to draw Path to Exile, only to draw his card and find it was a land.

2015 World Magic Cup champion Simon Nielsen: My opponent attacked with this army of Elves. I played Temur Battle Rage on one of his creatures, went to 5 from the first strike damage, then cast Faith's Shield to prevent the rest of the combat damage. That was pretty cool.

Gold-Level pro Grzegorz Kowalski: I got nothing too fancy. I only once decided to be a little greedy when I played against Death's Shadow. I didn't cast Engineered Explosives to kill my opponent's two creatures on turn three. I was still at 19 life and figured I was reasonably safe. Well, I won't make that mistake again.

Gold-level pro Thomas Hendriks: I killed my opponent on turn one! He lost 16 life to Spoils of the Vault, and I had Monastery Swiftspear, Mishra's Bauble, and Mutagenic Growth.

Three-time Grand Prix Top 8 competitor Jasper Grimmer: I got an unintentional draw in Round 3; 0-0-1 in games, as we didn't even finish the first. My opponent went to 30 million life, but I ultimated Liliana, the Last Hope with 40 minutes on the clock and later had a massive Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet active as well … I got him down to about nine million life and would only have needed something like three more attacks for the rest … Though I believe I misplayed this game by trying to find the most effective line of play rather than the most efficient.

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