9th–37th Decklists of Grand Prix Lille 2018

Posted in Event Coverage on October 28, 2018

By Tobi Henke

The following decklists' pilots didn't quite reach the very top, but they did come—more or less—close. The players in 9th and 10th place went 12-2-1, short of a Top 8 berth by one point; then down to 31st place we got players with 12-3 records; and the next six went 11-3-1. Enjoy!

Francesco Giorgio's Jeskai Control, 9th

Raul Porojan's Izzet Phoenix, 10th

Renato Spinelli's Izzet Phoenix, 11th

Christian Hauck's Golgari Midrange, 12th

Pascal Vieren's Izzet Phoenix, 13th

Mun Tian Fa's Golgari Midrange, 14th

Andrea Mengucci's Golgari Midrange, 15th

Dominic Ulke's Golgari Midrange, 16th

Peter Vieren's Izzet Phoenix, 17th

Dmitry Mizin's Selesnya Midrange, 18th

Marius Heuser's Jeskai Control, 19th

Jérémy Dezani's Jeskai Control, 20th

Pieter Keuning's Izzet Phoenix, 21st

Makis Matsoukas's Boros Weenie, 22nd

Joffrey Barreaud's Steel Leaf Stompy, 23rd