List of GP Lille Swiss Matches Shown on Twitch

Posted in Event Coverage on October 28, 2018

By Frank Karsten

If you'd like to (re-)watch your favorite deck or player but don't have the time to sift through over 20 hours of video archives, we have a handy guide for you.

In chronological order, here were all Swiss matches shown on the video stream before the Top 8 got underway.


Matches for the first half of the day can be found here.

Round 1:

  • Fabrice Manant (Esper Control) vs. Antoine Maugard (Izzet Phoenix)
  • Bernd Brendemuehl (Mono-Red Aggro) vs. Julien Stankiewicz (Selesnya Midrange)

Round 2:

  • Adrien Baumann (Izzet Control) vs. Reinhold Kohl (Mono-Blue Tempo)
  • Antoine Cinquin (Mono-Red Frenzy) vs. Lino Burgold (Golgari Midrange)

Round 3:

  • James Allingham (Esper Control) vs. Autumn Burchett (Golgari Midrange)
  • Pieter Keuning (Izzet Phoenix) vs. Sarah Zyla (Golgari Midrange)

Round 4:

  • Julien Le Loch (Golgari Midrange) vs. Javier Dominguez (Golgari Midrange)
  • Thiago Rodrigues (Jeskai Control) vs. Louis Deltour (Golgari Midrange)
  • Andrea Mengucci (Golgari Midrange) vs. Christoffer Larsen (Golgari Midrange)

Round 5:

  • Cristian Ortiz Ros (Golgari Midrange) vs. Grzegorz Kowalski (Selesnya Explore)
  • Arn Huschenbeth (Izzet Phoenix) vs. Elias Klocker (Mono-Blue Tempo)

Matches for the second half of the day can be found here.

Round 6:

  • Davide Cappiello (Jeskai Control) vs. Helmut Summersberger (Dimir Surveil)
  • Rob Catton (Esper Control) vs. Christian Hauck (Golgari Midrange)

Round 7:

  • Henk Lucassen (Sultai Midrange) vs. Gabriel Nassif (Mono-Blue Tempo)
  • Guillaume Wafo-Tapa (Jeskai Control) vs. Dave Weijgertse (Boros Frenzy)

Round 8:

  • Emma Mangodt (Selesnya Tokens) vs. Dmitriy Butakov (Boros Angels)
  • Christophe Gregoir (Izzet Drakes) vs. Rene Kraft (Golgari Midrange)
  • Joao Choca (White Weenie) vs. Ferran Vila Ferrer (Golgari Midrange)


Matches can be found here.

Round 9:

  • Sandro Bernabe (Naya Ramp) vs. Mattia Rizzi (Golgari Midrange)
  • Amarnath Dhanpat (Jeskai Midrange) vs. Karl Woll (Jund Goblins)

Round 10:

  • Uli Kutscher (Turbo Fog) vs. Theau Mery (White Weenie)
  • Roman Frnka (Jeskai Control) vs. Rick ter Horst (Mono-Red Dragons)
  • Patrick Kistler (Grixis Surveil) vs. Gero Lemke (Golgari Midrange)

Round 11:

  • Francesco Giorgio (Jeskai Control) vs. Alexandre Darras (Izzet Phoenix)
  • Julien Henry (Golgari Midrange) vs. Christian Hauck (Golgari Midrange)

Round 12:

  • Javier Dominguez (Golgari Midrange) vs. Alexandre Darras (Izzet Phoenix)
  • Elias Klocker (Mono-Blue Tempo) vs. Michael Bonde (Jeskai Control)

Round 13:

  • Andreas Ganz (Turbo Fog) vs. Raul Porojan (Izzet Phoenix)
  • Christian Hauck (Golgari Midrange) vs. Christoffer Larsen (Golgari Midrange)

Round 14:

  • Gabriel Nassif (Mono-Blue Tempo) vs. Gabriel Sarfis (Golgari Midrange)
  • Arne Huschenbeth (Izzet Phoenix) vs. Jeremy Dezani (Jeskai Control)

Round 15:

  • Carlos Moral (Jeskai Control) vs. Andrea Mengucci (Golgari Midrange)
  • Gabriel Nassif (Mono-Blue Tempo) vs. Pieter Keuning (Izzet Phoenix)

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