Overheard at the Grand Prix

Posted in GRAND PRIX LIVERPOOL 2015 on March 8, 2015

By Tobi Henke

"Due to a database error, everyone in the tournament is listed as being English. We apologize, but this was the only way we could think of how to make sure we have an English winner."

– Head judge announcement Saturday morning

"How's your deck?"

"It has a pretty good late game."

"Well … every deck in this format has a pretty good late game."

"I sure hope they do because I have two copies of Villainous Wealth! And if they don't have a good late game, I don't have a good late game."

"'Did someone call for a naked butler?'"

"Anafenza, the Foremost on turn three, Siege Rhino on four, and Armamanet Corps on five …? Gee, if you added one Fleecemane Lion on turn two, that'd be an insane opening in Constructed even!"

– Frank Karsten, after losing to Thomas Enevoldsen's turn-three Anafenza, turn-four Siege Rhino, turn-five Armament Corps

"All was going well … until I tried to cast Cached Defenses mid-combat."

– Nicolai Herzog