Quarterfinals Roundup

Posted in GRAND PRIX LIVERPOOL 2015 on March 8, 2015

By Craig Jones

Fifteen rounds and several hours later and GP Liverpool is down to just eight players. The matchups are:

  • Martin Dang (Grixis) vs. Daniel Oppliger (U/R)
  • Kennet Ellingsen (U/R) vs. Lucas Blohon (W/G)
  • Andreas Jonsson (Jeskai) vs. Marcio Carvalho (Temur)
  • Nikolas Labahn (Abzan) vs. Timothée Simonot (Abzan)

Making Top 8 here qualifies Lucas Blohon for Pro Tour Magic Origins, but he also has a chance to qualify for Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir with a win in the Quarter-Finals over Kennet Ellingsen here. Blohon managed to win his effective PTQ final 2-0 and this match was caught on camera.

Lucas Blohon defeats Kennet Ellingsen 2-0

Moving into the matches that happened off camera, experienced Portuguese player Marcio Carvalho faced off against Andreas Jonsson. Jonsson has also been around for a while with a Quarter-Final defeat to Kai Budde way back at GP Birmingham 1998 (I vaguely remember being at that tournament for some reason).

Jonsson started off aggressively in the first game, with a Jeskai Sage being followed by Hordeling Outburst. Carvalho came back with morphs and manifest creatures, plus a Ghostfire Blade to make them significant obstacles. The game started to turn as Jonsson's draw petered out and he kept playing lands while Carvalho kept summoning big beefy monsters.

Too many lands was Jonssson's problem in the second game as well. After an early creature stall Carvalho kept making fat green and red monsters while Jonsson could only drop more lands. A double-block on a Glacial Stalker ended up with Jonsson being blown out by Dragonscale Boon and that was the end of Jonsson's tournament.

Marcio Carvalho defeats Andreas Jonsson 2-0

Daniel Oppliger's game against Martin Dang had a slightly delayed start as Oppliger had picked some sleeves that were a little too risqué for the coverage cameras. After a quick resleeve the game kicked off and Oppliger promptly stalled on two lands. Dang took advantage and got in some early damage with Jeskai Sage and an Orc Sureshot. The Sureshot made blocking tricky and Dang kept chipping away. Oppliger found his fourth land to try and get back into the game with a Summit Prowler. He was too far behind, though. The Yeti was whisked away and on the following attack Dang unmorphed a Glacial Stalker to finish Oppliger off.

Oppliger had a better mana draw in the second game and for a while looked to have the upper hand. Both players were plinking away at each other for two damage a turn, but Oppliger had a Bloodfire Mentor to filter away excess lands and improve his card quality. The game turned when Dang used Mindswipe to counter a Gore Swine. The damage from the Mindswipe upset the racing math and a follow-up Master the Way to Oppliger's face put Dang into the Semi-Finals.

Martin Dang defeats Daniel Oppliger 2-0

The Abzan mirror-match between Nikolas Labahn and Timothée Simonot also made it to the televised coverage. Labahn took the first game with some early bear beats. Simonet came back to take the second. The decider ended up being a very tight affair. I thought Simonet would take it on the back of Rakshasa Deathdealer. Labahn had other ideas and his Elite Scaleguard opened up opportunities to attack and eventually went all the way to deal the final damage in a tight third game.

Nikolas Labahn defeats Timothée Simonot 2-1