Round 12 Feature Match: Javier Dominguez vs. Lukas Blohon

Posted in GRAND PRIX LIVERPOOL 2015 on March 8, 2015

By Tobi Henke

Neither of these players was a stranger to the feature match area. Lukas Blohon had previously made it to the Top 8 of three Grands Prix and one Pro Tour, while Javier Dominguez could claim two GP Top 8s with one win. Both were looking to increase those numbers here this weekend, and with records of 10-1 going into the round, both could still afford one more loss and still make it.

Dominguez had drafted an aggressive Temur deck, Blohon was running a Mardu build which could be rather aggressive too, but mostly specialized in removal spells. The matchup could easily go either way and promised to be interesting to watch.

Game 1

Dominguez led with Embodiment of Spring, Wetland Sambar, and Yasova Dragonclaw—quite the illustrous collection of creatures, but three creatures within the first three turns is nothing to scoff at. Meanwhile, Blohon had summoned Sandsteppe Outcast and a face-down creature. The latter traded with Wetland Sambar which Dominguez immediately replaced with Smoke Teller.

Javier Dominguez

Trying to finally put a stop to Dominguez's offense, Blohon deployed Mardu Roughrider, only to have his side of the battlefield wiped clean by Waterwhirl. In realiation, his Throttle killed Yasova Dragonclaw, and while Dominguez had one follow-up in Frontier Mastodon, Blohon eventually managed to clear the table with Merciless Executioner after trading away his Sandsteppe Outcast and token.

Blohon was still at 7 life at this point and quickly took over with back-to-back Mardu Roughriders. It didn't take long for the 5/4s to gobble up all of Dominguez's life.

Javier Dominguez 0-1 Lukas Blohon

Game 2

Again, Dominguez was the first out of the gates, with Whisperer of the Wilds and Yasova Dragonclaw. However, Blohon was ready and gave the legend a Debilitating Injury. He had another Debilitating Injury as well as Throttle and Rite of the Serpent in hand, however Dominguez's Whirlwind Adept was safe from such undue interference.

The clock was ticking for Blohon, faster still when Dominguez added Meandering Towershell to his team. Bad luck too, that the Turtle spent exactly that time in exile when Blohon would have been ready to perform the Rite of the Serpent. And things only went from bad to worse for him, as Blohon disabled one blocker per Crippling Chill and then simply took the game by having something Become Immense.

Javier Dominguez 1-1 Lukas Blohon

Game 3

Dominguez's Smoke Teller plus Jeskai Windscout were nicely matched by Blohon's Sandsteppe Outcast creating a token. As such, Dominguez wasn't able to make any early inroads, while Blohon's deck went to work. First, Blohon cast Outpost Siege set to "Khans." Then he proceeded to summon some creatures like Seeker of the Way and a pair of face-down Sage-Eye Harriers. All of this wasn't really helped by the fact that Dominguez was stuck on three lands until about turn six.

Lukas Blohon

Further insult to injury (Blohon cast a couple copies of Debilitating Injury) included Blohon blocking a 5/3 Whirlwind Adept with Sage-Eye Harrier plus a 1/1 token and having Feat of Resistance to turn it into a one-for-one trade, but this was mostly just academic. Over the course of the game, Blohon got something like thirteen extra cards from Outpost Siege, and things ended with virtually all of his cards either on the battlefield (including the aforementioned two Mardu Roughriders and one Butcher of the Horde) or in his graveyard. In the end, three cards of Blohon's library remained, while none of Dominguez's life points did.

Javier Dominguez 1-2 Lukas Blohon