Round 7 Feature Match: Chapman Sim vs. Quentin Martin

Posted in GRAND PRIX LIVERPOOL 2015 on March 7, 2015

By Craig Jones

This clash of 6-0's pits Chapman Sim against British oldtimer (sorry Q), Quentin Martin. Sim has three GP top 8's and is part of the MTG Mint Card Team that has been posting impressive results on the Pro Tour over the last couple of years. Sim is from Singapore and while that is very far away from Liverpool, it turns out he's been in this part of the world for the past month. As Sim usually provides coverage for the Asian Grand Prix this is one of only two opportunities to pick up pro points outside of the remaining two Pro Tours.

Quentin Martin is one of the more successful English players having racked up four GP top 8's and a PT Top 8 (Prague) during his career. Nowadays he's married and working for a social media games company on the Isle of Man. The call of Magic cannot be resisted for too long, so he's back in the tournament saddle and putting up a strong run despite starting with zero byes.

Sim is running a blue-black deck splashing red while Martin has a straight white-blue deck. Both decks look extremely spicy, which is what you'd expect for two undefeated players.

Quentin Martin

The first game was a fascinating battle packed with twists and turns.

Sim took the early edge as his Rakshasa's Secret stripped two cards from Martin, who'd started the game with a mulligan to six. Martin's Monastery Siege wouldn't claw back that card disadvantage, but would give him a considerable edge in card quality if the game went long.

The next moment of interest was a "Wow, really" from Sim as Martin, starting the turn with no cards in hand, discarded Wardscale Dragon to Monastery Siege.

That meant the card he'd kept must be really good, right.

Actually, it was a normally rather innocuous Defiant Strike. In this case the Defiant Strike was anything other than innocuous. Martin had two creatures with prowess (one a Monastery Mentor) and blew Sim out in the combat step.

That could have been the end, except Sim had a Crux of Fate to reset the board. He followed up with Gurmag Angler and Archfiend of Depravity.

Martin: "That turned around quite quickly."

A Silumgar, the Drifting Death arriving on Sim's side of the board banged the final nail in the coffin.

Or maybe not. Martin hung on with some tap'n'ice effects and showed he too had been blessed with the dragon gods as Ojutai, Soul of Winter flew to his defense. Aven Surveyer and Smite the Monstrous clawed Martin further back into a game where he'd looked dead and buried.

It looked as though Dragons of Tarkir had come out early as a fourth dragon, a Mindscour Dragon, put in an appearance for Sim. By this point Martin's own Monastery Siege had whittled Martin's library down to three cards. The game had gone long, but Sim's deck simply had too much raw quality for Martin to be able to get on top.

Chapman Sim

A Bathe in Dragonfire on Ojutai brought an entertaining, back-and-forth game to an end.

Sim 1-0 Martin

In contrast, game two was pretty much one-way traffic. Martin found the first dragon, but it was his only creature to Sim's five (including a scary Mardu Strike Leader) and so had to be left guarding Martin's life total. Sim swarmed in anyway and after the dragon had finished eating the Strike Leader, shot it down with Mardu Heart-Piercer.

And that was the end of Martin's resistance. He found no more creatures and was bashed to death over a couple of turns.

Chapman Sim defeats Quentin Martin 2-0 and remains undefeated.