Semifinal: Martin Dang vs. Lukas Blohon

Posted in GRAND PRIX LIVERPOOL 2015 on March 8, 2015

By Tobi Henke

Here seasoned veteran of Grands Prix and Pro Tour Lukas Blohon met as yet unknown Martin Dang. Dang had drafted a blue-black deck with a bit of red, while Blohon was basically on green and white with just the tiniest hint of black (being able to turn Abzan Guide face-up with Sandsteppe Citadel).

Game 1

Blohon had a fine start with a morphed creature, Dragon Bell Monk and Mardu Hordechief. However, it took him a while to draw a fourth land and even then was unable to find a second source of white mana.

Lukas Blohon

Meanwhile, Dang had his own morphs and a pair of Jeskai Sages along with Orc Sureshot. At some point, he managed to put Blohon at 4 with the help of Mindswipe and Swarm of Bloodflies took the first game.

Martin Dang 1-0 Lukas Blohon

Game 2

Both players amassed quite a number of ground creatures, but Dang also had one Swarm of Bloodflies nibbling away at Blohon's lifetotal. Soon, Blohon was forced to get in there with his creatures.

Martin Dang

The attack, during which he also unmorphed Master of Pearls, did take away some of Dang's creatures and life points. However, it also turned Swarm of Bloodflies into a 5/5. And the resulting attack put Blohon well into the reach of Dang's Crater's Claws.

Martin Dang 2-0 Lukas Blohon