Top 5 Cards

Posted in GRAND PRIX LIVERPOOL 2015 on March 8, 2015

By Tobi Henke

These were the cards that shaped the tournament, that sparked discussions and were the most debated, the cards that won games and turned Grand Prix Liverpool into an event to remember ...

Goblin Heelcutter

A centerpiece of red aggressive strategies, Goblin Heelcutter's ability to create a hasty attacker and take out a blocker all of a sudden took quite a number of players by surprise this weekend. Both Marcio Carvalho and Lukas Blohon listed it among the best cards in one of their draft decks, and both made it to the Top 8 on the back of a triplet of Goblin Heelcutters. They literally couldn't get enough of the card.

Rakshasa's Secret

One of the cards from Khans of Tarkir that has seen more play ever since Fate Reforged was introduced to the Limited mix was also regularly seen in the feature match area here this weekend. Turn three Rakshasa's Secret naturally and single-handedly curves into a turn-four Gurmag Angler, but delve's hardly the only reason. Discard appears to be quite good in the format actually.

Outpost Siege

Undeniably powerful, Outpost Siege gets the nod over many other cards about which one could say the same, because it often leads to tremendously interesting game play. For one thing, the choice between Khans and Dragons is by no means easy. While Khans is picked more often, sometimes the Dragons side simply closes games on the spot. Also, we've seen a couple of games throughout the tournament where the choice of Khans effectively killed the Outpost Siege player, as it relentlessly emptied card after card from the player's library until none were left.

Elite Scaleguard

A huge threat on it's own, relatively easy on the mana, with the potential to interact with many, many counter-bearing creatures, Elite Scaleguard even puts a lot of Fate Reforged's rares to shame, and by all accounts Fate Reforged's rares are quite good. The card was especially mean in finalist Nikolas Labahn's draft deck in the Top 8 where he could return it repeatedly with Temur Sabertooth to distribute loads and loads of counters everywhere.

Orc Sureshot

Orc Sureshot was the card of the final match of the weekend. There, eventual champion Martin Dang put it to good use, killing creatures, keeping others from blocking reasonably and trading in combat, all while providing a solid power-4 attacker too. Orc Sureshot took aim and hit the trophy!