Unmorphing our Mystery Pro

Posted in GRAND PRIX LIVERPOOL 2015 on March 7, 2015

By Craig Jones

It's the end of the day and it's time to unmorph a mystery pro. And it's the highly experienced Hall of Famer Raphaël Lévy.

Raphaël Lévy

Despite claiming his pool was underpowered, Levy charged to a 7-0 record before being buried in Wingmate Rocs by fellow Hall of Famer Nicolai Herzog. He went on to win the last round to leave him ending day one with a solid 8-1 record.

So about that underpowered...

"Well, I didn't want to say anything, but I think it's good," Levy said afterwards.

He pointed out Pyrotechnics as being very strong and gave some play examples where he was able to turn around bad board positions with Supplant Form (on Aven Surveyor) and Arcbond. He also singled out the Bathe in Dragonfire as being an efficient answer to a lot of creatures.

"You don't mind using it on a morph."

Lévy's pool might not have been bombtastic in the conventional sense, but a consistent two-color mana base, efficient creature curve, and a bucketload of red burn can go a long way.