5th to 10th Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on December 9, 2018

By Tobi Henke

The following decks' pilots didn't make it all the way to the absolute pinnacle of the tournament, the Top 4 playoffs. But they came close. In fact, all of these teams missed the cut by a single point. Well worth to check out their decks, particularly Tiago Fonseca's Rock featuring a full playset of Assassin's Trophy and Luis Alvarez-Zucchino's mono-red Hollow One/Arclight Phoenix hybrid!

Thiago Rodrigues's Izzet Phoenix (A), Fifth Place

Eduardo Sajgalik's Hardened Scales (B), Fifth Place

Jérémy Dezani's Spirits (C), Fifth Place

Niels Molle's White-Blue Control (A), Sixth Place

Piotr Głogowski's Ironworks (B), Sixth Place

Joao Choca's Dredge (C), Sixth Place

Arne Huschenbeth's Izzet Thing (A), Seventh Place

Jasper Grimmer's Devoted Company (B), Seventh Place

Thoralf Severin's Ironworks (C), Seventh Place

Marc Pages's Ironworks (A), Eighth Place

Arnau Aris's Izzet Phoenix (B), Eighth Place

Bernat Marti's Spirits (C), Eighth Place

Luis Gobern's Titan Shift (A), Ninth Place